This is after the toilet was removed from The Outhouse. The walls were removed of shelving and the building was sanitized.

The new wood floor was added to cover up the toilet hole. The walls were also cleaned and painted at this time.

The door and frame had to be removed and flipped around so the door would open out instead of inward.

When Julie and Mark Delfs moved into Artisan Village of Amelia in early August of 2018 to begin the transformation for the grand opening, they noticed a small building off the back garden area that looked a lot like an outhouse. Low and behold, it was an outhouse--a bit more modern, but an outhouse nonetheless. The problem was, that this outhouse was unworking. The power and sewer lines were cut to get ready to haul it away for another life somewhere on the Island.

We asked the landlord if it could be left here to become our mop and broom closet and he agreed to leave it.

After a few days, we began to joke around about the outhouse, since it was so funky and fun looking--there was no way in our minds that this was going to simply be a mop and broom closet. One joke of the evening was to turn it into a small wine bar. At that time, it was just a joke...The joke turned into a quick side-project as Mark decided to pursue this while helping Julie get the property ready for grand opening on September 1st, 2018.

Mark began the next day by ripping out the rusting toilet (which is now a planter outside the building) and cleaning and scrubbing up the interior. The floor was replaced by solid plywood, covering up the toilet hole. He also removed the entire door and frame (which previously opened inward) and reversed it to open outward to allow more patrons inside. The walls were then painted. He built a fold-down bar that allows the bartender to access to the 2 coolers. After that, a new floor was installed. Not stopping there, a TV was added as well as a Google Home and soundbar and wrap-around LED lighting along the ceiling. After that, over 200 photos were hot-glued to the wall depicting bar and drinking scenes from various TV and movies. Finally, the ceiling of the Outhouse was covered in wine corks--which amount to about 2,000 corks total that were mostly donated by our customers and fans of the Outhouse.

At that point, The Outhouse--Florida's smallest novelty bar--was born!

Roadside America designated the Outhouse as the smallest bar in Florida which is even smaller than the smallest bar in Key West!

Fernandina Beach is not only home to the oldest bar in Florida, The Palace, but, now the smallest bar in Florida!

Welcome to the Outhouse located at Artisan Village.

LED lights and disco lighting adorn the smallest bar in Florida!

Enjoy magnetic darts and magnetic poetry on the door of the smallest bar in Florida!

Enjoy the lighted courtyard setting during special events at the Outhouse