Whether you are a power boater or kayaker, the USCG Float Plan works for you.  Set up a basic plan ahead of time and save it on you computer. Update it when you decide where and when you're going to go. Then, e-mail your completed plan to whoever you choose to follow up should you not return or check-in
as planned. 

New Fire Extinguisher Rules
On April 22, 2022 new fire extinguisher rules for boats went into effect. Click the links below for more information.

New Rules for Boaters 

Hurricane Plan for your Boat

The forecast is for an active hurricane season.  Have you considered everything you need to do to secure and protect your boat?  Check out this great planning tool from BOATUS!

Hurricane Planning Tool 

Engine Cutoff Switch (ECOS) Information You Need to Know!

Engine CutoffSwitchIf your powerboat has an engine cutoff switch (ECOS) use it!  If your powerboat is a 2020 model or newer new federal laws are in effect that pertain to ECOS equipment and usage.  Click this link for more information.

New Engine Cutoff Regulations