Making Beautiful Boxes Out Of Scrapbook Products

Candy boxes are fun to use for gifts, and you could create any that you want using the scrapbook paper that is in the house. Read below to see how a gift box could be created in a fun style that is much more amazing than a box you picked up at the store. You might want to fold and bend your paper to create something beautiful, and you could place any gift you want inside.

1. How Do You Use Scrapbook Paper?

Scrapbook paper is much thicker than paper you would normally have in the house, and the paper is stiff enough that it will hold its shape under extreme pressure. The paper itself will hold the corners of a large box that you folded, and the paper can be combined to make thick objects that support a lot of weight. You should buy as many colors of scrapbook paper as you need, and the scrapbook paper is strong enough to be cut out and shaped into any design.

2. How Do You Shape The Paper?

The paper has to be shaped by folds that you may to fit each piece together. You must look into the shapes that you want to make by folding on piece of paper many times. IF you do that the right way, you get something that can support weight in the corners. Also, you could make something that is heavy enough to hold a bit of weight. Someone who is folding paper correctly will notice that the paper gets even thicker.

3. Making The Lid

The life could be folded and part of the box itself, and you could even make a little clasp that attaches to the rest of the box. It is important that you have lids that will close completely, or you could have the lid be its own item. The lid can be made very thick because it will fold into itself and be much heavier.

4. Design Your Own

You could cut out shapes that will fit onto the boxes, or you could draw on your paper because it is just paper. Someone who is hoping to make the best box should have many sheets of paper to work with, and you have to see if you can get all the colors that are needed because you could lattice or lace the paper.

5. Cutouts

You could cut out designs from your paper, or you could lace paper together to make a checkered pattern. You could make any sort of box that you want, or you could weave the whole box together with nothing but strips of paper. You could cut out a snowflake or any other shape that look intriguing, and you could hide the design behind other paper that only reveals little bits of color. The box is like a mystery, and it is fun to look at.

6. Conclusion

The boxes that you have made on your own will change the way that you are looking the gifts that you give. You have to remember you can make your own boxes from simple designs you find online, and they can be built from scrapbook paper that you bought online. This is a much simpler way to give gifts that have the personal touch you were looking for.