It's Time to Meet & Greet with our Amazing Parents! Tuesday, October 30th * 11:00 am

Welcome to Oside Parents 4 Kids! A BIG THANK YOU for being amazing parent VOLUNTEERS!

Our goal is for every parent school group organization to have a successful year, to provide tools and resources, bring together other parents to collaborate, and to share what works (and what doesn't) between organizations. It's our hope to be able to use this space to give you a library of forms and procedures involved in doing business, and to allow you to connect with others in the OUSD parent support organizations.

YOU, being involved, makes the educational journey for our youth in OUSD so much better!

Next District Parent Advisory Committee Meeting TBA

PTO members know “being involved” is the best way to make sure our kids get the education we want for them! How about joining other like-minded “involved parents” at our upcoming District Parent Advisory Meeting to discuss that – among ourselves, and with school administration and the district?

School safety is the key topic, with an update on the ongoing contract negotiations also on the agenda to discuss. Child care is available if anyone has little ones who might be bored with the things that Mom and Dad are talking about, register here so we can get a count.

Let's support each other and SPREAD THE WORD!

Let us know what fundraising activities and events are happening at your school!

We'll add it to the calendar within 48 hours of submittal. Don't forget to click on the calendar tab to see other organization's events and happenings!

We appreciate your dedication to OUSD youth and their educational health!

Jaime Guches, Corinna Goodwin

Stacy Begin

Deb Wickman

OUSD Parent Networking Group Team

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