The 18th International Open and User Innovation Conference

June 21-22, 2021

RWTH Aachen University

The International Open and User Innovation Conference 2020+1 will be held from June 21-22, 2021 at the RWTH Aachen University, Germany. OUI2020+1 will be held virtually with an optional physical presence in Aachen if the circumstances regarding COVID in summer 2021 allow it. Whether an additional physical conference option is feasible, will be assessed in the coming months and decided in April 2021. Main conference sessions (paper presentations and keynotes) will be on June 21 and 22 in the afternoon hours of CET (morning hours of ET) online via Zoom. CET morning and evening hours are used for workshops, discussion sessions, paper development, and networking activities for those who can attend physically in person.

The International Open and User Innovation Conference is the leading academic conference on Open and User Innovation. Around 200 researchers from various disciplines (such as innovation management, strategic management, organization design, marketing, intellectual property right management, entrepreneurship, and public policy) meet annually, in order to exchange recent research findings and plans related to Open and User Innovation.

Admission is open to academics and scholars who are faculty, postdoctoral fellows or students currently enrolled in PhD programs.

Coming up in october 2021:

Research Policy special issue on the emergence, implications, and diffusion of household sector innovation, with contributors from and edited by members of the OUI society. Click HERE to access the special issue.

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Former conference tracks include...

Open and User Innovation Platforms, Community Governance, and Organization Design

Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding

Open Software, Open Hardware, and Makers

Firms' Interactions with Open and User Innovation

Lead users, Toolkits, and User Identification

Psychology of innovation and Problem-solving

Diffusion of Open and User Innovation

Healthcare, Sustainability, and Societal Challenges

Institutions, Innovation Law, and Policy

User and Social Entrepreneurship