Our Cisco Academy

In collaboration with different Cisco Academies in the UK, the Open University joined the Cisco Academy programme in 2003. Delivering our first pilot CCNA course to 273 students in 2005. Since this time we have reached in excess of 10,000+ CCNA students via the Cisco Academy programme, on versions 3, 4 and 5 of the curriculum. Version 6 has been available from October 2017.

Since 2009, we have also been delivering the CCNP, reaching around 150 students a year. With the CCNA-S also being delivered to our students since 2011. Offering our students a professional route for engaging with the industry. We also offer Networking Essentials and CyberSecurity Essentials as part of our degree apprenticeship programme. From November 2018 we will also offer the CCNA CyberOps course as part of an established programme.

Having a national reach across the UK and many international contacts. Our model is to reach the unreachable via blended distance learning. In any given town, the chances are there may only be two or three students wishing to learn a Cisco course by this method making distance delivery non-viable for most traditional Cisco Academies. Whereas the Open University using large scale delivery is able to reach a considerably larger distributed community of students.

Working with our many Cisco Academies, who act as our day schools. The Open University typically reaches around 600 students each year on all of our Cisco modules. The majority are studying on our undergraduate or postgraduate programmes - we take very few students on our module as new to OU for the CCNA. Finding that many are our established undergraduate students are looking for this additional opportunity.

As part of the delivery model, we engage with different Cisco Academies around the nations - who teach our remodelled content to our students - if you are interested who they are, take a look at the map below. Please note that not all centres deliver for all subjects, all of the time: