Community Members

The Open University Cisco Academy team is pleased to be able to support the following Cisco Academies:

Mode 1 : Via the Academy Incubator

  1. Action for Children* (Charity)
  2. Active Support Education* (Specialist Educator)
  3. Aylward Academy# (School)
  4. Attleborough Academy Norfolk* (School)
  5. Harrow College* (Further Education College)
  6. Elstree UTC* (UTC)
  7. James Hornsby School* (School)
  8. Aylesbury Vale Academy* (School)
  9. Abingdon and Whitney College# (Further Education College)
  10. Cardiff and Vale College* (Further Education College)
  11. Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College* (School)
  12. Highlands College, Jersey (Further Education College)
  13. Northumberland College (Further Education College)
  14. RGS Worcester* (School)
  15. Project Girl Code* (Charity)
  16. Holts Academy* (Apprenticeship Training Provider)
  17. Alder Grange School* (School)
  18. Carlisle College# (Further Education College)
  19. North East Scotland College# (Further Education College)
  20. Loughborough College (Further Education College)
  21. Truro College* (Further Education College)
  22. Caroline Chisholm School* (School)
  23. Manchester Communication Academy* (School)
  24. St John Fisher Catholic High School* (School)
  25. Bartholomew School* (School)
  26. Woking College* (Further Education College)
  27. Burford School* (School)
  28. Bridge Academy # (School)
  29. Luton 6th Form College* (Further Education College)
  30. BPP University* (Higher Education)
  31. Escola Secundária Domingos Rebelo* (School)
  32. Our Lady’s Convent High School* (School)
  33. Denbigh High School* (School)
  34. ITEC Learning Technologies* (Apprenticeship Training Provider)
  35. John Mason School* (School)
  36. Escola Profissional Cândido Guerreiro - Alte* (School)
  37. Tech City Stars# (Apprenticeship Training Provider)
  38. NESCOT (Further Education College)
  39. University of Hertfordshire (Higher Education)
  40. University of Sunderland (Higher Education)
  41. University of Winchester* (Higher Education)
  42. Berzeliusskolan# (School)
  43. Escola Profissional de Chaves* (School)
  44. St Martins School# (School)
  45. Swindon College# (Further Education College)
  46. Barnet and Southgate College (Further Education College)
  47. The intraining group* (Apprenticeship Training Provider)
  48. British Computer Society* (Apprenticeship Training Provider)
  49. Inverness College UHI (Further Education College)
  50. The Priory School* (School)
  51. West Thames College# (Further Education College)

Mode 2 : Direct support via Kevin Large

  1. Bedford College (Further Education College)
  2. Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust* (School)
  3. North Hertfordshire College (Further Education College)
  4. Uxbridge College (Further Education College)
  5. West Herts College (Further Education College)
  6. Greater Peterborough UTC* (UTC)

Mode 2 : Direct support via Paul Wallin (was Kingston University ASC)

  1. Carshalton College (Further Education College)
  2. Cornwall College (Further Education College)
  3. Kew House School (School)
  4. Kingston College (Further Education College)
  5. Richmond Adult Community College (Further Education College)
  6. South Thames College (Further Education College)
  7. West London College of Business & Management Services (Further Education College)

Mode 3 : Specialist Academies^ (Supported by Andrew Smith with community assistance)

  1. Association for the Blind (WA) (Special Educational Needs)
  2. Curtin University (Higher Education)
  3. Cisco UK & I* (Apprenticeship Training Provider)
  4. Royal National College for the Blind* (Special Educational Needs)
  5. Suitcase Media (CIC)* (Charity)
  6. Stoll* (Charity)
  7. Swalcliffe Park School* (Special Educational Needs)
  8. Treloar Trust* (Special Educational Needs)
  9. Mercury Academy* (Specialist)
  10. Academy Incubator*
  11. Emmaus Bristol* (Charity)
  12. Arab Open University - Beirut (University)#

Mode 4 : Apprenticeship focused academies

  1. Arch Apprentices* (Supported by Kevin) (Apprenticeship Training Provider)
  2. The Knowledge Academy*(Supported by Kevin) (Apprenticeship Training Provider)

Mode 5 : Manchester Development Hub

  1. UK Fast Education Trust (leading)*
  2. Loreto College* (School)
  3. The Dean Trust* (School)
  4. St John Rigby College* (School)

Mode 5 : Ural Federal University Hub

  1. Ural Federal University (leading)
  2. Ural Radio Engineering College n.a. A.S. Popov
  3. Buryat branch of Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Informatics
  4. Chelyabinsk Radiotechnical Technical School
  5. Ural State University of Railway Transport
  6. Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Information Sciences
  7. Agency for Promoting Education
  8. Ryazan College of Electronics

Mode 5 : Cedars 'Schools' Hub

  1. Cedars Upper School* (leading)
  2. Haileybury Turnford School* (School)

*This symbol represents all the academies recruited 'new' to programme via the Open University ASC since 2013.

#This symbol represents academies that have been re-engaged.

^Mode 3 academies are supported for free or via alternate external funding and supported entirely at the discretion of Andrew Smith