Caveat Emptor

To translate the Latin, caveat emptor is buyer beware. In operating an ASC-lite at the Open University, we …

  • expect all academies to have read this entire site.
  • will consider any membership request join us.
  • discover that an academy has tried to use the OUASC as a pawn in some horse trading with their current ASC. We will cease any promised support of the CA in question, irrespective of mode. We also will consider contacting your former ASC.
  • expect Mode 2 academies to fulfil their invoices with their consultant within 30 days of acceptance. Otherwise the ASC will cease support and remove the academy from our ‘support structure’.
  • feel that if you are able to find a better deal, you are welcome to pursue it.
  • are offering this as a socially responsible service to support the educational community. This is not a direct income stream for the Open University and any monies in Mode 2, supports three days of the consultant’s time, being paid directly to the consultant, not the Open University.
  • have set up this ASC so that it is not a direct income source for the Open University 'as is' and is run as an entirely separate community venture, supported by one member of the Open University Cisco Academy team.
  • seek alternate income, from other funders to enable the operation and participation of the OUASC.
  • see the ASC as an avenue for long term growth - which will eventually benefit the Open University. Any income generated, is incidental and conversant with the status of the Open University as a whole, not it's perceived position within the Cisco Academy programme.
  • the Open University will seek to bid for funds from Cisco Systems and other parties, conversant with its status as an ASC.
  • declare that any terms, reside between the Cisco Academy and their consultant. Non-payment, late payment and inappropriate professional conduct from the CA towards the consultant may result in the CA being suspended from the support of the OUASC. This applies to all modes of support.