Becoming a Cisco Academy

If you are not already a Cisco Academy, you need to apply via this link. Please ensure that the details are accurate and that you are contactable. Cisco filters the applications before they are passed onto the regional Cisco Academy team for approval. Do not apply without contacting the OU ASC team in the first instance - as your application may otherwise be rejected.

When you are approved, you have to login and using the ‘manage’ tab; click on the manage ASC agreements option. Within this, is a feature to search for the Open University and apply to link your Cisco Academy to ourselves. As you may appreciate, none of this process is automatic and requires human intervention. From your application, to the ASC stage, the system messages individuals to make the decision.

  1. For Mode1 academies, we will process these applications on a weekly basis.
  2. For Mode2 academies, please keep Paul Wallin or Kevin Large involved in all dialogue, to ensure that you are processed in a timely fashion. If we do not know who you are, we will have to pend our approval until we establish any agreement.
  3. If you believe you are a Mode3 academy, Andrew Smith will directly manage the process. This is not automatic and we will assume that you are a Mode1 academy unless you have been in a detailed dialogue with Andrew Smith. Becoming a Mode1 academy does not fast track you to Mode's 2 or 3.
  4. For any other mode, please contact the team as this requires additional steps.

If you are reading this and do not know, what the modes mean, please read with care the ASC Support page.