OU Cisco ASC

A warm welcome to the Open University (OU) Cisco Academy ASC (Academy Support Centre), currently the largest Cisco ASC in the UK. The purpose of this micro-site is to offer those new to the Cisco Academy programme, as well as established Cisco Academies with an idea about who we are and our operational model.

Our primary goal is to facilitate the support of unique academies with an ASC-lite model. Giving the same support as all other typical ASC's. Yet ensuring that academic organisations that would otherwise not have been able to engage with the Cisco Academy programme are able to participate. To make this work, the OUASC is run as a community focussed venture enabling academies to grow and contribute to UK and international vocational computing.

While we are UK focussed, we welcome academies from around the world who wish to become contributing members of our community.

Our preference is to support academies at the lowest possible cost, or typically no cost at all. Where any monies are directly paid to independent Cisco Academy experts or covered via non-traditional external funding. Please take the time to explore this site, understand a little about the Cisco Academy at the Open University, as well as the ethos of the Open University as a whole.

The Open University does not derive direct income from any academies we support. Our vision is that this community development model is used to encourage the teaching of vocational computing.

Anyone who is part of this venture is a member of the Cisco Academy programme - therefore you are considered as having a direct relationship with Cisco Systems, not the Open University. The OU Cisco ASC is a specialist member of this community.

The OUASC motto is ... 'non est numero ludum'.