Open Universe for GRBs

Some useful lists of GRBs:


Swift-BAT complete list of GRBs


Fermi-LAT complete list of GRBs

Fermi-GBM GRBs

Other missions

A general list of GRBs (we aknowledge for the information) can be found at:

Pipelines for creating customized lightcurves

twosec .pdf

Customized lightcurve generated by the BAT LC script

Example of BAT lightcurve from the batgrbproducts website

Users can browse the websites mentioned above to see typical already-processed lightcurves, or they can generate their own customized lightcurves through the available pipelines!

What's coming up?

Open Universe for GRBs paper

In preparation...

Analysis of Fermi GRBs with the Fermi pipeline

To be uploaded soon

Analysis of GRBs from other missions

As soon as data us made public