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Here at Of The Mountain Nurturing Services, I support pregnancy through intuitive tools that awaken the mind, open the body, and nurture the soul. My intention is to create a holistic birthing experience through modules that integrate all parts of yourself so that you can truly show up for the life that grows inside of you.

My goal is to make parenting less stressful by showing you how to live in the moment. Gratitude can be used to further your connection to self and the ones you love most. Pregnancy is a remarkable time that will deepen your awareness of the innate wisdom you already possess. Step into your power and reclaim your truth by learning how to best support yourself and your baby with the power of herbal remedies, energy work, yoga, and meditation.

Feel good on all levels.

This is your path.

Let me lead you back to your heart center.

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I serve the Brevard, Asheville, Mills River, Hendersonville, Etowah, and Penrose areas in Western North Carolina.

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Sunday- 9am to 3pm

Monday & Tuesday- 9am to 5pm

Wednesday- 9am to 12pm

Beautiful offering that expand your knowledge and deepen your spiritual connection.

Please register through Calendly. Email Demacy at otmnurturingservices@gmail.com with any questions or concerns you may have. Looking forward to being in community with you! 

Birth Vision Workshop (Feb 28th at 5:30pm, March 25th at 5:30pm, & April 25th at 6pm): What are you envisioning for your birth journey? What is the vibe in which you are cultivating? Let go of any doubts and feel into the magic that is within. In this 2 hour workshop, we will focus on releasing what is holding us back and call in the highest version for ourselves. Move through some gentle yoga to get the energy flowing, dive into a fear-releasing kundalini meditation to clear out any resistance, visualize the birth you'd like to have for yourself utilizing sound, then spend some time in the community creating vision boards that represent these intentions. Your vision board can be taken into the birth space and used as a focal point during your labor. All materials are provided. ($45- 12 participants max)

Birth Mala Workshop (March 11th @ 5pm, & April 29th @ 5pm): Craft a special necklace of your own that holds all of your intentions surrounding birth. In this 3 hour workshop, we will focus on infusing our goals for labor, delivery and beyond. Malas are sacred tools used to ground in the physical and connect us to the breath. These half-malas (54 beads) are symbols of the work and effort you put into bringing your baby into this world and the journey you are cultivating with them. Choose from an array of crystal gemstones that incorporate the energy you are calling in. Learn simple ways in which this mala can be used before labor and after. Use this as one of your many tools to support calm and focus as you move through the waves of birth. Tea and materials will be provided. ($65- 10 participants max)

Placenta Encapsulation Training -April 12th & 13th from 12pm- 6pm: Ready to take your business to the next level? Interested in learning how to encapsulate placentas for your doula clients? Join us for a two-day workshop and receive all the basics needed to start serving your clients in this manner. Learn more about the placenta and the many benefits to consuming it. Receive the knowledge to safely handle the placenta as you complete the Traditional Chinese method of processing in the most efficient way possible. Dive into the world of prints, tinctures, keepsakes, and much more. Each participant will receive a guide outlining the basics of what we will cover in class as well as a list of the materials to purchase as you get started. Expect to spend at least 6 hours each day observing the encapsulation from start to finish. Register before April 1st and save $50! ($450- 10 participants max)