Our Mission

Polaris is a partnership between undergraduate and graduate physics students at The Ohio State University dedicated to fostering a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible undergraduate physics experience in the OSU Department of Physics. We are an entirely student-run organization developed in collaboration between graduates and undergraduates. Our focus lies in the augmented retention of underrepresented and non-traditional groups in the physics BS program by providing professional and academic mentorship for those groups. We seek to aid undergraduate students in creating and maintaining an inclusive and supportive learning community.


  • Get personal guidance in and out of the classroom with a graduate mentor.
  • Meet and engage with fellow physics, astronomy, and engineering undergraduates in study groups and social events.
  • Attend lab tours and professional talks and get acquainted with the Physics Department's faculty.


  • Get first-hand accounts on what lies ahead for you in coursework, undergraduate research, internship opportunities, and graduate school preparation.
  • Develop your academic and professional path in our discussion-based class.


  • Prepare for team-based careers in physics by diversifying your communication skills in our collaborative workshops.
  • Become a role model for future physics students by creating your own initiatives in a Polaris fellowship.