Small Groups

Small groups are a great way to grow and to fellowship deeper with people. Come and share/navigate your graduate experience in a small group with others who understand graduate school life! We currently have 3 small groups this Fall. Contact the person below for more information on that small group.

The Black Scholars and Professionals group will be starting up this Fall. Join Black Scholars and Professional (BSAP) faculty and graduate students as they have conversations that matter to our spiritual formation. This Fall they will be reading, Reading While Black by Esau McCaulley. They meet Tuesday evenings at 6:00 pm at Hale Hall. Email Latisha here.

Rethinking/Reclaiming the Gospel

Have you grown at all disillusioned or even confused about how churches can talk about the good news of the Bible but don’t seem it live it out? Sex scandals, political conspiracy theories, judgmentalism and more seem to abound. Are you embarrassed to tell others about Jesus, not because of Jesus, but because of what people think about Christians and the church? In this small group, we will begin afresh to consider what the Gospel actually is by seeing what the Bible itself has to say about God’s good news. Starting with the Old Testament (after all, Jesus said he was fulfilling what God had planned all along) and moving to the New Testament, we will cover major themes of God’s movement to make Himself known to all the nations and see what that means for us as believers today. We will also discuss common questions people struggle with (for example, why does God seem so judgmental in the OT, and how do we affirm the uniqueness of Jesus' role without being bigoted to people of other faiths?).

If one of the below fits you, then this might be the right small group for you:

1. I am a non-Christian who likes some things about spirituality and even Jesus, but am turned off by Christians and the church.

2. I am a Christian who has some doubts about my faith.

3. I am a Christian but can’t identify with my church. They don’t get my concerns.

4. I am a Christian who has friends who fit the above. Email Timothy here.

The Dead Theologians Society is a group of graduate students and faculty that discusses great theology and related writing from the past. Currently they are covering writings from G. K. Chesterton. They meet Wednesday mornings at 7:45 AM by Zoom. Email Professor Paul Post here.

Can't find a small group that meets your schedule? Another group may be starting, so please email your interest and mention your time preference! Email here.