1st International Workshop on Open Services and Tools for Document Analysis (ICDAR-OST)

November 10-11, 2017, Kyoto, Japan — with ICDAR 2017

Kyoto TERRSA -- Seminar Room #3 (East building, 2nd Floor)

ICDAR-OST at glance

We want to provide you with the latest news right before ICDAR-OST'17 is going to take place.

Time / Place

Kyoto TERRSA -- Seminar Room #3 (East building, 2nd Floor)

November 10 (Workshop Day)

Check the detailed program here: Program

November 11 (Hackathon Day)

Official Start of the Hackathon: Friday 10 - 18:15 (Be There!)

There will be an extra introduction at 09:00 on Saturday 11


Please check the resource page to get all available material: slides, forms, etc.

Information / Communication

Slack: Communications, Instant Messaging during Hackathon

Github: Code / Ideas. Ask on Slack or in person if you need a repository

Trello / Asana: Task-Management for the workshop

Twitter: @ICDAR_OST

Any question? Contact us at ost2017@unifr.ch

About ICDAR-OST 2017

The 1st ICDAR Workshop on Open Services and Tools for Document Analysis (ICDAR-OST) is a two-day event which aims at promoting open tools, software, open services (for processing, evaluation or visualization), as well as facilitating public dataset usage, in the domain of Document Image Analysis Research, building on the experience of our community and of other ones.

Such tools, softwares, services, formats or datasets should observe the principles of being reusable (I can use it on my data), transferable (I can use it on my premises) and reproducible (I can obtain the same results).

The accepted contributions are presented during interactive pitch and demo sessions, enabling authors to advertise their work, identify potential issues and solutions in their approach, as well as igniting collaboration with other participants. While this is encouraged, releasing tools with a free/open-source license is not required.

About the program

ICDAR-OST is a two-day workshop.

The first day comprises interactive pitch and demo sessions, group brainstormings, and a keynote speech of Pascal MONASSE (ipol.im editor, co-chair of ICPR RRPR workshop).

The second day features a hackathon to enable participants to collaborate on issues identified during the first day.