Kitchen crew training

There is a lot of information here.

Please don't let that put you off helping.

Even if you come in untrained you will find some useful way to contribute (but in that case you don't need to sign up to a shift in advance. Just turn up).

"Expensive facilities do not guarantee good hygiene. Conscientious practises do." Sandor Katz

Some basics:

  1. Relax and enjoy yourself. You're a valued volunteer and you are not under pressure. There are no 'customers', just fellow rebels.
  2. Try to ensure there are snacks available 24/7 for rebels who arrive in need.
  3. Please remember our job is sustaining rebels not feeding tourists.
  4. Communicate with each other & other sites.
  5. Remember only plant-based food & drink in the kitchens, and no disposables.
  6. Serve small portions. The biggest source of food waste in the April rebellion was people not finishing what was on their plates.
  7. Keep treats back to give to arrestee support.

Suggested basic kitchen structure here