My artist name is derived from the word "orchestration." As my work tends to veer from orchestral to synthetic and manipulated acoustic sounds, I combined these concepts into the artist name I have today - Orka Veer.

My journey as a musician started in elementry school as a trombonist for our school's small marching band. In my early teens, I then started taking classical piano lessons. I fell in love with the piano and started teaching myself some improvisation. Inspired by video game music, especially Legend of Zelda composer Koji Kondo, I started to dive into the world of electronic music and composition.

While I have a humble studio setup today, I try my best to make the most of the tools I have and create something that people will enjoy. I not only work on my own solo projects, but I've also collaborated with game designers and publishers on composing music for their projects.

You can download my work for free or make a donation on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Feel free to get in touch if you want to say hello or have questions/inquiries.

All the best,