Welcome to Scranton High School - HOME OF THE KNIGHTS & THE CAMPUS OF CHAMPIONS!

Class of 2024:

Your freshman year in high school is an exciting time – full of new experiences. This virtual orientation and Freshman Seminar program is to assist you as you begin your journey towards graduation.

Our team of Student Ambassadors will be reaching out to check-in within the next week. We will also meet up virtually, at least once a month, to have Peer2Peer Lessons on topics relating to your transition. Check back later in the week to meet your assigned Student Ambassador. Their profiles will be listed below.

We welcome your emails, calls and questions to work out the obstacles and joys of this journey. We strongly encourage you to become involved in school activities. We want you to be an avid and enthusiastic part of KNIGHT NATION!

Virtual New Student Orientation ACTIVITIES

Students who complete the orientation program should complete number 10. Complete the Orientation Verification Form to collect your FREE SPIRIT WEAR T-SHIRT! We will verify your completion through Smart Futures and the Freshmen Orientation Survey Link. If you get your parent to complete the parent survey we will provide a bonus!

  1. Welcome Back to School Video

2. Welcome Class of 2024 from your Administration & Teachers!

3. Student Ambassador Advice for Class of 2024

4. The Way of the Castle: Tour Scranton 2020

SC Orientation Video 2020

5. School Counseling Department Orientation

7. Freshmen Pre-Survey for School Counseling


9. A Message on Freshmen Orientation

10. Complete the Orientation Verification Below!

BONUS: Freshmen Parent Survey for School Counseling

Student Ambassador Groups

*Coming Soon!*

Bullying and Harassment

Bullying or harassment of any kind (physical, verbal, sexual, emotional, cyber, etc.) will NOT be tolerated at Scranton High School. If you feel as though you are being bullied or harassed, or you have observed such behaviors, here are some tips on what you should and should not do.


  1. Tell the bully to stop.

  2. If you can, walk away from the situation.

  3. Talk to a trusted adult – parent, counselor, teacher, administrator, coach, social worker.

  4. Remember that it is not your fault. The bully is behaving inappropriately.

  5. Try to be with other people. Being around others can be protective.

  6. If you are an observer, offer help to the person being bullied.

  7. If you are being cyber-bullied, print out what you are receiving on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text message, etc. and LET SOMEONE KNOW!


  1. Confront the bullying during the immediate situation. You don’t want to put yourself in danger.

  2. Fight back or bully somebody else.

  3. Withdraw or stay away from school. Get help for the situation.

  4. Encourage the bully by laughing if you are an observer.

  5. Participate in gossiping or taunting.

This year we will participate in the Anti-Bullying Week in late October/early November. This week helps students to recognize bullying behaviors and learn how to deal with any bullying issues that may arise.

Student Activities

We encourage all students to become involved in extracurricular activities while at Scranton. We believe that being involved helps you become more engaged in the Knight Nation, meet new friends, and have fun! Keep in mind that those students who have invested their time in these activities during their high school years are very interested in having new students join them. Please feel encouraged to reach out to an advisor for more information on any activity.

Helpful Hints For Good Time Management

  1. Write everything down! Don’t rely on your memory. Write all your assignments in your planner or in your phone so you know when you have assignments and when you don’t.

  2. Use your agenda, calendar, and time management pages to create a daily, weekly, and/or long-term schedule for classes, activities, and schoolwork.

  3. Make a realistic to-do list for each day and don’t go to bed until everything is done.

  4. Make an “appointment” with your important schoolwork assignments. (ex. “I have an appointment with my science fair project this Sunday from 2-3pm.”) That way, time is set aside for work you need to complete.

  5. Break big assignments down into smaller parts so they are not overwhelming. Work ahead of the deadline!

  6. Use lunch time and time between the end of school and the start of activities to get work done. Find “pockets of time” during the day to do small or parts of assignments = less work to do at home.

  7. DO NOT log in to social networks until your work is finished. They are too tempting!

  8. Find a place to work that does not have any distractions.

Just get started! You may find that a task is more enjoyable than you had thought.

Tips To Help The Procrastinator

  1. Agree to dedicate 10 minutes to starting a task. You may find that it is not as difficult as you think.

  2. Make studying a sort of game. Challenge yourself to complete a task within a specific time frame.

  3. Label or “rank” you assignments – easy, difficult, takes time, etc. This gives you an overview of what you need to accomplish.

  4. Most people try to complete their easier tasks first and save the more difficult ones until later. It may be easier to rationalize putting a hard task off when you’re tired, busy, etc. Change it up a little. One day, start with your easy tasks first and see how long your homework takes. Next day, try starting with the harder tasks (You may find they are not as hard as you think!) and then do the easier tasks later. Or – alternate what seems easy or hard to you. Compare the times it takes for each of these methods and see what time frame you really need to complete your work. Make it a game. Make it fun.

Healthy Habits

The demands of high school can be stressful. We want you to be a happy and healthy student and to enjoy the fun of friends and learning.

  1. Diet – What you eat affects how you feel. No matter how much you love junk food, keep in mind that healthier snacks will make you feel better.

  2. Exercise – Even though you may be taking a PE or Personal Fitness class, you need to move your body! Even a short daily walk will improve mood and relieve stress. Walk your dog. Take a run after school. Go swimming. Even walk the mall. It’s good for you!

  3. Sleep – We know this is not easy during your high school years. You want to stay up late but your school bus comes early. Add the fact that you have lots of homework and you want to stay current with your social media. Lots to do and not enough hours in the day! Try your best. Every study shows that sleep deprivation affects mental performance. Getting enough sleep is important!