About the book:

Technology has been deployed in classrooms across the globe, particularly due to the unexpected rise of distance/hybrid learning. Are educators using these tools effectively? How can classroom teachers keep up with the constant iterations and innovations of the educational technology industry? The Complete EdTech Coach is a context based, personalized approach toward building the capacity of educators to use technology effectively. Organic edtech coaches are not a PD delivery system, nor are they tech support.

Organic edtech coaches lead with learning, never with tech. These coaches build relationships with those they serve. They are cage-free and walk the campus amongst learners (whether virtually or at a physical school site). They believe in the power of technology to engage students in communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. In this book, be inspired by our failures and successes as edtech coaches, and learn tools and strategies you can utilize to create an organic edtech model to meet the needs of your district/school.

Praise for The Complete EdTech Coach:

Pragmatic. Relevant. Engaging. The Complete EdTech Coach folds in authentic experiences with the voices of those involved. These authors interweave the realities of where educational technology has been and where instructional technology is going. This is a book full of reflective questions to ensure that all learners are kept at the forefront.

—Kristina V. Mattis, EdD

Technology is everywhere today, and, in many ways, it is easier to use than ever. Technology should not only be about making our world easier but ultimately, making it better. I appreciate the way Katherine and Adam provide meaningful strategies for those who support our classrooms and those who, in turn, help our students use technology to empower themselves now and in the future. If you support teachers using technology in the classroom, this is a great read.

—George Couros, author of The Innovator’s Mindset

There are many books about teaching, but far fewer about teaching teachers. Katherine and Adam have spent nearly half a decade perfecting techniques alongside teachers and getting real results— and that’s what makes The Complete EdTech Coach different. Katherine and Adam share techniques and methodologies that have teachers asking for more rather than asking how soon the training will be over. For coaches who want to excel, implement tech at a high level, AND make teachers happy, this book is just the right thing at just the right time!

—Jon Corippo, CUE teacher emeritus, former assistant superintendent, and coauthor of The EduProtocol Field Guide and The EduProtocol Field GuideBook 2

If you support the use of technology in the educational system, this book is a must-read. The Complete EdTech Coach is the perfect resource to help educators use technology in meaningful and practical ways with their students.

—Tara Martin, educator, author, public speaker, and director of public relations and communication, Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc.

Finally, a guide to help those helping teachers! The Complete EdTech Coach is all about coaching from the heart, collaboratively and with empathy, and valuing the educator where they are.

—Katie McNamara, teacher librarian

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