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"Rabbi Meir is a tough role to play, but Oren Rehany performs it realistically, not so much as a villain, but as an honest soul firmly set in his own beliefs."


“The performances are excellent, with Rehany perfectly depicting Mendy's complicated mixture of innocence and steeliness” “The central relationship is depicted with an ambiguity and complexity that defies easy categorization, with the characters revealing unexpected and surprising depths”

Stephen Holden / NEW YORK TIMES

“The performances are strong. As the starry-eyed dupe caught in a rat’s nest of political machinations and macho bluster, Mr. Rehany delivers a creepily accurate portrait of a clueless, virginal naïf with a dirty mined”

"Rehany changed and grew up a little during the filming for he can also look different from frame to frame. He becomes one of those guys that can waver between cute and not-so-cute. Regardless, he is a competent actor and his Mendy is a character that facinates us and draws us into his world".

"The performances from Rehany and Semel resonate, and the depiction of a community, and a country, where conflict and comradeship collide in unexpected ways, is deeply revealing."

Jan Stuart / NEWSDAY

“Sexually pent-up and distracted, the virginal 20-year-old, played by Oren Rehany, who projects inner fire with economical means”

Nathan Rabin / THE ONION

“Rehany perfectly captures his character's giddy adulation at breaking free of the rules that have governed his life”

Anthony Allison / LAS VEGAS MERCURY

"Rehany is a revelation as the confused 20-year-old hero, shy, awkward and socially inept, yet far from pathetic. Mendy's unlikely attraction to Sasha is balanced by wholly credible doubts, as he wrestles with his sexuality and his spiritual confusion."

Chris Vognar / DALLAS NEWS

“Mendy is played capably by Oren Rehany, who manages to convey the character's transition from wide-eyed innocent to angry love puppy (even when the script fails to sell that transition)”

Calvin Wilson / St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Rehany is thoroughly convincing, portraying Mendy as an intriguing blend of curiosity and cluelessness"

Nicole Keeter / TIME OUT NEW YORK

"Rehany is perfectly cast; he makes palpable Mendy’s sense of loss and betrayal”

Harvey S. Karten / IMDB

“The Holy Land” is worth seeing for Oren Rehany and Tchelet Semel’s performances as naif and cynic respectively”

Nicolas Schager / FILMCRITIC.COM

"Naturalistic work of Rehany and Semel as the film’s cautious and skeptical young lovers”