I am a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge.

E-mail: oren.becker [at] gmail [dot] com

Publications and preprints:

  • Random character varieties, with Emmanuel Breuillard and Péter Varjú.

    • Available upon request.

  • Testability in group theory, with Alexander Lubotzky and Jonathan Mosheiff.

  • Stability of approximate group actions: uniform and probabilistic, with Michael Chapman.

  • Testability of relations between permutations, with Alexander Lubotzky and Jonathan Mosheiff.

  • Abelian groups are polynomially stable, with Jonathan Mosheiff.

  • Group stability and Property (T), with Alexander Lubotzky.

  • Stability and Invariant Random Subgroups, with Alexander Lubotzky and Andreas Thom.

  • Symmetric unique neighbor expanders and good LDPC codes.

Teaching at the Hebrew University:

  • Spring 2019: I am the lecturer for 80598 Fundamental Concepts in Representation Theory.

  • Previous teaching (as a teaching assistant): Infinitesimal Calculus 1, Infinitesimal Calculus 2, Fundamental Concepts in Commutative Algebra, Fundamental Concepts in Representation Theory, Mathematics for Chemistry Students, Calculus for Engineering and Science Students.

  • At the School of Computer Science: I was the lecturer for 67573 Algorithmic Problem Solving (Fall terms, 2012-2015).

Other professional activities: