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The Oregon Brownfield Coalition is a group of more than 50 public, private and nonprofit organizations dedicated to finding solutions to the statewide problem of brownfield contamination. The coalition has worked to create new tools to advance brownfield remediation and cleanup across Oregon and apply these tools at the local level. The Oregon Brownfields Coalition is a non-governmental research, education, discussion and decision-making forum open to all. It includes a diverse array of members who share a commitment redevelop and improve abandoned or under-used brownfield properties. The Coalition also works on statewide and local policies, and programmatic efforts such as targeted assessment, clean up and redevelopment projects.

The Oregon Brownfield Coalition is working together to find strategies that address financial risks, liability and community interests. Through the right combination of incentives, funding and regulatory approaches, we can get more brownfields cleaned up and put to work for things communities need.


Formed in 2014, the Coalition has successfully advocated for legislation to advance brownfield remediation.

Successes: What Has the Coalition Accomplished?

  • Land bank authority: In 2015, the coalition introduced and passed House Bill 2734 in the Oregon Legislature, which authorizes local governments to create land banks that can acquire and hold polluted properties to aid in their future redevelopment. The established Land Bank Authority has all powers necessary to accomplish the purposes of acquiring, rehabilitating, redeveloping, reutilizing or restoring brownfield properties.
  • Brownfield cleanup and redevelopment loans: During the 2015 session, the coalition also supported a successful $7 million recapitalization of the Brownfield Redevelopment Fund administered by the Oregon Business Development Department.
  • Property tax incentive: In 2016, the coalition helped unanimously pass House Bill 4084, which authorizes local government to adopt measures providing tax incentives to property owners who address environmental conditions at brownfields.
  • Integrated cleanup process study: In 2017, the Oregon Legislature passed House Bill 2968 which proposes a study by DEQ of a single, coordinated cleanup review process.

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The Implementation Committee is charged with developing a strategy to engage local jurisdictions and educate them on brownfield tools.

The Legislative and Policy Development Committee is charged with reviewing potential policy tools and regulatory enhancements and elevating policy issues that need to be brought to the coalition for discussion.

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