Press Release: OrangeWave Solutions Announces Focus on Providing Clio and QuickBooks Online Software for Law Firm's Industry.

Salt Lake City, UT (June 14th, 2017) - Cloud solutions continue to evolve and is helping many industries move forward with this type of services, OrangeWave Solutions has announced a new major initiative designed to support companies within the Law Firm’s industries. We are aiming to provide efficient, secure and better business financial reports to help them enable the long term success of growing their practice.

This will help position OrangeWave Solutions, a QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor and Clio Product Pro Certified, as a leader in providing Cloud-Based services to Law Firm’s across the country, this new initiative will broaden OrangeWave Solutions target market to a new vertical. This initiative is to help an industry that has been using legacy systems for many years and that are in need of new tools that can help them increase their bottom line, time tracking, matter management, track invoice, organize expenses and maintain a high level of security.

As a company we have made a conscious decision to focus our resources and talents to this large industry, Law Firms need better operational transparency that can help them improved visibility with a solution that can be flexible yet highly secure in the cloud.

OrangeWave Solutions had success within this market, earlier this year they signed Keen Law offices, a Law Firm that offers a wide variety of practice areas as Immigration, Visas and many other services for their clients.

About OrangeWave Solutions

OrangeWave Solutions offers accounting bookkeeping and payroll services to small and midsize companies and we are QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisors and Clio Product Pro Certified, OrangeWave Solutions cloud delivery enables effective implementations for companies across the U.S.

Read the initial press release, click here.

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White label bookkeeping for CPA firms

Could OrangeWave Solutions be your white-label partner for bookkeeping and accounting?

We offer “white-label” (wholesale) bookkeeping and accounting service for CPA partners who see the importance of fitting the business model for the new era of information. By partnering with OrangeWave Solutions, your business can focus more on high-value services. We want to help your firm spend more of your time on the issues that really matter to your client.

OrangeWave Solutions offers a complete white label bookkeeping service for CPA firms. We provide added value to your business by adding resources without the overhead, and stress of internal staff. This will help you save time and money, while extending your client relationship past the tax service; which in turn, will help you have happier clients and increases your client retention. Our bookkeeping experts take care of all client related tasks in QuickBooks Online.

How we do it

Your firm will have a dedicated bookkeeper to ensure each client account is serviced at the level of expertise your own staff would provide. With constant communication and email support, we make getting your clients bookkeeping needs, done an ease. OrangeWave Solutions will set up a phone extension for your firm and your clients that is branded with your firm information so that branding is consistent with your current image. We handle all recording of uncategorized transactions, bank and credit card reconciliations, A/R, A/P, and much more.

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Utah Valley University Business & Economic Forum

We are excited to announce that we were invited and will be participating at Utah Valley University Business & Economic Forum on May 18th from 9:00 a.m - 1:00 p.m, come visit our booth that day and say hi.

To learn more about this event visit:

To learn more about us visit:

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We are Hiring!

Independent Field Sales Representative (Salt Lake City, UT)

We are growing our team at OrangeWave Solutions. We are a virtual 100% cloud-based bookkeeping company. We work with small and midsize companies that need accounting and bookkeeping done but can’t or don’t want to hire a part time or full time person. We value the role our clients and referral partners entrust us with and we do not take it lightly.

We consider ourselves High Tech, High Touch. We love cloud-based mobile accounting technology just like our clients. At the same time, we don't hide behind emails. We are high touch in that we talk with our clients via phone, email and screen share video conferencing. You could say, OrangeWave Solutions is the place where solid accounting fundamentals meet exciting cloud-based technology.

We are a 100% QuickBooks Online platform company. All of our clients use QuickBooks Online.

We specialize in streamlining accounting needs and provide exceptional services. Our clients experience a high degree of professionalism, certainty, peace of mind, as well as increased productivity and profitability. The clients also experience confidence in their own ability to understand their numbers and their ability to utilize the information to fast forward the growth of their companies.

As we said earlier, we are a virtual company, and this is an Independent Field Sales Representative position it means that you get to set your own schedule and work your own hours with minimal supervision.


The OrangeWave Solutions Representative’s duties/responsibilities include:

  • Establish new business through analysis of assigned territory to identify new customers
  • Follow up on new leads
  • Develop and maintain sales materials and current product knowledge
  • Developing in-depth knowledge and expertise with regard to all OrangeWave Solutions services
  • Establish and maintain current/potential client relationships
  • Identify and resolve client concerns
  • Communicate with sales and management team for product sales coordination
  • Follow-up for payment collection
  • Coordinate with our services team and schedule and deliver our services
  • We are very selective. We want the best you have to offer.

Who is our Ideal Team Member? Let's describe you.

- You can easily be accountable for representing our brand in front of clients.

- You understand what the client needs are and you can anticipate what's ahead.

- You are highly effective in managing your time and meeting recurring deadlines.

- You are committed to having a work/life balance.

- You are an excellent communicator, verbally and written.

- You seek out professional growth opportunities like certifications.

- You set your own schedule

- You are coachable.

- You love to learn.

Why Work For OrangeWave Solutions?

- We love our work.

- We value our team

- We honor our clients

- We are busy year round and we are growing.

If you see that you could have a future as a member of OrangeWave Solutions, send your resume to We are interested in hearing from you.

UVU’s VentureCon Trade Show

We are grateful to UVU and the institute of entrepreneurship for hosting the first ever student trade on April 25th, as a sponsor and participants we were able to connect with other CEO’s and show our services to them and other members of the community that were in attendance at the event.

There were multiple vendors from many different industries that we able to show and sell their products during the event, some had a concept and were validating their ideas and see if they had the right solution to a problem that might be out there.

Overall it was a great event for us to be part of it and being able to sponsor it was the right thing to do, there are many brilliant minds that need the encouragement to bring their ideas to life and we are glad that we were part of it and that it’s something that will continue to grow in the future.

Here is a great article from Karissa Neely from the Daily Herald that describes the event!

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Bookkeeping for a Small Business Owner

There are many things you are able to do when you are the owner of your company, work early and leave late and the perks of the flexible hours. You are able to set your pace and with who you want to partner or have as a client. Managing your employees, services, clients and you have to keep your books up to date. As an owner, are you able to make sure you don’t leave your bookkeeping behind?

Organization is key

A business owner usually wears multiple hats. creating the habit of keeping everything organized is hard, but if we don’t get used to be organized things will eventually be chaotic really fast. There are multiple CRM tools that can be utilize to help you stay organize, one that we use is HubSpot it’s free and will help you collect vital information from them – like name, email, phone number, date of birth.

Tax bill in mind

Certain expenses can be a write off for your business, you have to plan ahead for the taxes you may own to the IRS. OWS will help you create the reports and the data analysis you will need to provide your CPA when tax season rolls around so you should know understand if a payment to the IRS is due.

Bookkeeping is critical for a small business owner. This will help you manage your business a lot easier, we can help you get better insights of your business so you can continue your growth path. Schedule a free consultation today or call us at 801-210-1009.

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Why business owners need a bookkeeper.

Bookkeepers, help manage the day to day functions for businesses – categorizing expenses in the general ledger, checking for data accuracy, reconciling bank/credit card statements, compiling data, and putting financial statements together. Our team can provide additional value by setting you up with an industry-specific general ledger and help you understand cash flow and the cost per client.

Bookkeepers understand one to one tracking

How does it affect you? when you make a financial deposit, the same deposit is reflected in your file. In this sense, bookkeepers utilize accounting software the way it was meant to be used so no data gets lost or misfiled and all the transactions are accurately recorded. By doing so, the business owner gets a clear picture of what they care about most: cashflow.

Bookkeepers open up your day

As a business owner, there is a high chance you have struggle to find enough hours in the day to run your business and have time for personal life. Having a bookkeeper who not only keeps records of your transactions, but also manages your expenses, payroll, bill payments and financial reporting can provide the work/life balance and peace of mind you may need.

Get in touch with OrangeWave Solutions today and let us help you with your bookkeeping tasks.

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Press Release: OrangeWave Solutions Announces Participation and Sponsorship of UVU’s First VentureCon Student Trade Show

Orem, Utah – March 21, 2017 – OrangeWave Solutions, an accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll solution services for entrepreneurs and small business owners and a Certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks Online, today announced it will participate and be a sponsor of UVU’s First VentureCon student trade show ( The student trade show will be held April 25th, 2017 at Utah Valley University Centre Stage. “This first VentureCon will provide a great opportunity to expand and reach into the local community” said Javier Godoy, Director of Sales and Marketing at OrangeWave Solutions. “We are excited at the opportunity to demonstrate OrangeWave Solutions proven services to the entrepreneur, small business owners and local community who will be in attendance, we look forward to creating additional long-term partnerships with UVU and other entrepreneurs.” UVU VentureCon is a student trade show conference which outlines the latest ventures and companies that UVU students have launched while enrolled at Utah Valley University. The conference will include a blend of panel discussions and stand-alone booths. Additional Information:

OrangeWave Solutions is a gold value reseller for QuickBooks Online and provides accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll services. Media Contact: 801-210-1009

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Accounting for small businesses, why bother?

Your business serves many purposes. It is a way to make a living, to support those who rely on you. It provides a meaningful and valuable service to your community. It provides you with a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment and purpose. It enables you to provide these same benefits to those who you employ. For these reasons and many more, you wake up every day and work as hard as you can to maximize these benefits. While there is no substitute for hard work and dedication, financial organization and discipline are required to succeed and excel in today’s competitive marketplace. We live in a day and age where technology has transformed how we go about our days, how we conduct our lives. Are you taking full advantage of the resources available to maximize your business’ potential. It is unlikely that accounting is the aspect of your skillset that will allow you to rise above your competition, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have information that allows you to use your unique skills to succeed and grow your business. OrangeWave Solutions bridges the gap between not having enough time or expertise to keep your business books yourself and not having the workload to employ somebody to do it for you. Using our services provides you with a solution that satisfies your needs for top quality accounting at a cost that is a fraction of what it would take to add even a part time employee. While you might believe that accounting is a necessary evil that is only required at tax time, allow me to describe some benefits of keeping good accounting records:

  • Good accounting provides accurate valuation. While you might not have plans to exit your business at this stage in your life, being prepared to do just that is always a good idea. Numerous business experts encourage small business owners to “run your business as if you were going to sell it”. This advice pertains not only to maximizing the value of your business, but also the ease of arriving at a valuation. Think about it, would you consider buying a business based solely on the current owners fragmented records or overly optimistic memories of past performance, of course you wouldn’t. Now is the time to establish good records that will facilitate the most accurate valuation of your business, even if that horizon is in the distant future.
  • Good accounting maximizes profit. When a business is in its beginning stages, it’s owners might have their fingers on the pulse of every aspect of the operation. So much so that they might believe that there is no need to organize or preserve this information. However, how long is this type of informational intimacy possible if you want your business to grow. With growth comes complexity, the involvement of others, and an increase in transactional volume that will simply become too much for you to keep track of on your own. Creating good accounting systems early on will enable you to grow without losing touch of the pulse of your business, regardless of your business size. This connection with your business will enable you, the expert, to maximize profit.
  • Good accounting maximizes the tax benefits of owning a small business. Have you ever sat with your accountant and tried to make sense of a shoebox full of receipts or a stack of bank statements, or perhaps spent late nights in a frenzy attempting to track down information from the a year earlier to accurately record your business expenses. The old adage states “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, and good accounting is that ounce of prevention. Don’t dread January due to the need to pull together a year’s worth of financial information, be prepared with good accounting records that were maintained and communicated in real time.

While you might be capable keeping your own accounting records, ask yourself, is it really the best use of your precious time, especially when there is a solution out there that will provide what you need at a cost that saves you money as well? Outsourced accounting services provide flexibility and cost advantages over the traditional employee relationship.

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Bookkeeping done for you

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Making a Transition to an Online Bookkeeping Firm

With the help of technology and the shifting needs of small businesses, business owners and employees need to be flexible. One company may hire a part or full time accountant or bookkeeper to help them with their financial tasks. There’s software to help you manage your company’s overall business process and day to day activities. As a business owner, your hardest job is acquiring efficient and quantifiable financial data to make critical business decisions, and then putting it into action effectively in your company.

Tips to help You and Team Transition Easier

  • What is the benefit to you. No one wants to change, and certainly don’t want it to affect your bottom line. The reasoning for the transition, and how it will affect your company will be very positive moving forward. Once the new online accounting firm and software are rolled out, measure positive changes and share milestones that it enables you and your team. Celebrate the small wins and reflect on the positive change.
  • Give yourself and employees some extra time to play around with the software and interact with the new outsourcing team without feeling like they’re wasting time or that they will break something. We are here to help you with the accounting or bookkeeping tasks and the new software, some issues are that most of us will just learn a few functions, and never expand past that to learn about what other great capabilities and access they have.
  • Get official, professional training for everyone. OrangeWave Solutions offers professional virtual training at an additional cost if need it. Having a QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor on hand for the launch to explain it to you and employees gives everyone firsthand knowledge.
  • Most important of all, choose your software and your virtual accounting bookkeeping firm carefully so you are not constantly switching to new firms. Selecting the right firm now can save you from a lot of problems in the future. You will want an accounting and bookkeeping firm with experience and one that will help you with your expansion and growing needs. Make sure that you have a plan in place before selecting the right virtual accounting and bookkeeping firm, this will help the transition go smooth.

learn more about the benefits of OrangeWave Solutions and QuickBooks Online for companies just like yours, click here.

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