Arrangers Guild

You do not have to be a member of Garden Club of Orange Park to join Arrangers Guild. If you a member of any garden club that is under Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc., you are eligible to join us. Contract Michelle Hord, Director of Arrangers Guild at 904-276-5537 or at for more detail.

2018-2019 Program Schedule

*Each month, members will bring in an arrangement to be critiqued.


September 18 Review Past Flower Show Schedules, Name the Flower Design Exhibit, Review Elements and principles

October 16 Beginning Designs and Mechanics by Jan Sillik, Garden Club of Jacksonville

November 20 Choose Design Classes and Consultants --- Bring Designs for Practice

December No meeting


January 15 Practice and Critique Designs for the Exhibit

February 19 Practice and Critique Designs fobearclw@bellsouthr the Exhibit, Plan for Staging, Food, Publicity, etc.

March 19 Designs with Presenter from Ribault Garden Club

April 16 Finalize plans for the Flower Design Exhibit

May 4 GCOP Arrangers Guild Flower Design Exhibit

May 21 End of Year Luncheon

Elements of Design

· Light: Illumination necessary for visual response

· Pattern: A silhouette or outline of an arrangement against its background

· Form: The life of the design; the 3-D dimensions contour

· Color: The visual response of the eye. Without light there is no color.

· Space: The open areas in and around an arrangement; the frame

· Line: A continuous visual path

· Texture: The quality of the surface structure: such as rough, smooth, dull, shiny

· Size: A dimension of a line, shape, form of space

Principles of Design

. Balance Visual stability

· Rhythm: Visual path through the design; heart of the design

·Contrast: Unlike elements, enrichment of opposite

· Dominance: Implied subordination

· Proportion: The relationship of length, area, etc. of one part to another, or to the whole

· Scale: The relationship of component parts of a design