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Social Networking = Useful for Human Visitors, But Lousy for SEO

Links from social networking sites like Facebook are usually nofollow, as are guestbooks on other people's blogs. Some search engines do follow those links in order to find new webpages. But nofollow links don't give the target webpage any boost in search engine rankings -- that is, they won't help your lens get listed any higher up in search results.

Use social networking and posts in guestbooks to attract people, not search engines. Don't worry about keywords. Do worry about being appealling, compelling, and helpful.

Easy Places to Build Links to Your Lenses

Your other lenses. The Featured Lenses and About Me modules are your friend.

Squidoo-related directories like Slinkset,, Squoogle, and Isle of Squid.

Blogs. BLOGS. Yes, you-- do it NOW! Start a blog. Wordpress, Blogger, or the Squidoo-centric Crabbysbeach are free blog hosts. Google and other search engines are in love with new, regularly-updated content. Here's a blog set-up tutorial.

Make a Lensography. Or, better, make several, each targeting all lenses in a niche.

Your profile-- on Squidoo, and elsewhere.

Log into SquidUtils, a set of useful tools by Squidoo member Fluffanutta. This adds your lens to SquidUtil's directory according to your lens' primary tag. I also recommend SquidUtil's Workshop Add-On.

Forum signatures. These are not as great as some people say. Search engines don't count the same signature on a thousand posts as a thousand different backlinks! But sigs help a little, and again, they are useful for attracting human visitors.

Links from some directories help, but SEO experts aren't even sure of the SEO value a backlink from DMOZ, a directory Google once respected. So don't make directory submission a big priority.

Article Marketing: This one is NOT easy, but it's effective. Some Squidoo lensmasters post articles on websites that pay for the article, AND let you include a link. I haven't tried this yet, so check out ajgodinho's great tutorial on article marketing.

The Best Way to Build Backlinks Is the Hardest

What's the number one way SEO industry experts get backlinks? They contact and ask for links from relevant, leading pages on a topic. Normally, that's not going to work for us: do you really think your lens on Easter Eggs is good enough for the Easter Bunny himself to add a link to it from his homepage? But there are some sites that may be willing to list your lens. Use a Backlink Builder Tool for look for sites that may be open to giving you a listing.

Note that many of them ask for a "reciprocal link" -- a link back to their site. Be choosy about reciprocal links. You want your lens to link TO good pages on a topic, and have links FROM good pages on a topic. There's no point in adding a reciprocal link to a crummy site. If it's not a link your human visitors would care to visit, search engines probably won't care either.

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