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Unlike the traditional system, in the present time, the companies create all the data in the form of database, a database is the collection of data. These sets are managed by the software called database management software. These are many DBMS presents in the market presently. The best DBMS among all is offered by Oracle. Oracle is one of the biggest names in the technology industry. It database are considered as the superior as compared to what other companies are offering.

Today every company is using oceans of data and uses it to analyze business intelligence and formulate new strategies. Database software is an interface between data and users. It allows the user to access, edit and maintain data. Today every company has its database to store all the information regarding data. Oracle has released many versions of the database according to the new technology developments and up to date versions. 6 Weeks Oracle 10g/11g DBA training in Noida is perfect to get in-depth knowledge of this database under the guidance of expert trainers.

The first time the Oracle Database was developed in the year 1977. The oracle’s relational database is the most popular and reliable database all around the world. It is the most widely used relational database. The Oracle database is based on Structured Query Language. The oracle’s database is utilized by most of the industries namely, financial sector, healthcare sector, Education sector, telecommunications, Information technology, and several other sectors. There are several versions of the database utilized in the market the 10g and 11g database are most popular.

Different versions of Oracle Database

  • Enterprise edition
  • Standard Edition
  • Express Edition
  • Oracle Lite
Oracle DBA Training


The 10g database was designed by the company for grid computing database. This version was first was introduced in the year 2003. This version of database management software by the oracle was offered to provide companies a grid infrastructure and low commodity servers. It is most popular for its reliable features of flexibility and efficiency. This database management system is very efficient for the management of information and application in a very effective method. In the grid computing database, the information is utilized for the creation of industry standards, stores, and servers that have the ability to develop and evolve.


After the release of 10g, Oracle 11g DBMS was introduced in the year 2007 with more streamlined and up to date features that met the requirement of the changing business scenarios. The Oracle 11g DBMS uses automation according to the requirements and facilitates the management and diagnosis of data. The DBMS is powered by features like active data guard, data redaction Hybrid, columnar compression, Golden gate replication, and database appliance.

The DBMS by the Oracle is utilized for many purposes such as online processing of transactions, data warehousing, shared workloads, and power companies with benefits like data storage and recovery of data and protect it from any breach in the privacy. Every company needs professionals to operate this DBMS. It is the data administrators who are responsible to manage the systems in the enterprises. It requires specials skills and individuals can take Oracle Six Weeks Training in Noida to acquire required skills.

What is the role of DBA?

DBA is an acronym used for a database administrator. The administrator is responsible for the management of data for the successful database environment. The DBA is responsible for the data security and integrity of data. Its functions include designing, implementation, and management of data in the system. A Competent DBA is required to have expert knowledge of database management systems. The responsibility of the DBA also includes training of employees about DBMS and its utilization.

Roles of DBA in an enterprise

  • Installation of the Oracle Database server and allocating the system storage
  • Database Administrator is responsible for modification of the database structure
  • It is the responsibility of DBA to ensure system security by fulfilling Oracle license agreements
  • Monitoring user access to the database
  • Optimization of the performance of the database
  • Planning for backup and recovery of database information
  • Maintenance of archived data on tape
  • Backup and restore the database
  • Creating reports by querying from the database as required
  • Manage and monitor the duplication of data.

As the Oracle 10g/11g tops the DBMS present in the market, there is a great demand for professionals in the industry who are skilled and have a thorough knowledge of Oracle DBMS. Oracle offers certification programs for the individual interested to be certified as a database administrator.

Classification of certifications offered by Oracle

Oracle Certified Associate

Oracle certified professionals

Oracle certified master

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