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15 Unheard Ways to Achieve Greater Mattress

Only those who can sleep well are rested during the day and can handle their everyday tasks. The body recovers, handles important metabolic processes and processes the events of the day. The mattress plays an enormously important role in healthy sleep. So that every person finds a suitable mattress for himself, the industry now offers various models that have different advantages and disadvantages. We show the most important details.

The Most Important Requirement for a Good Mattress

For a bed to be functional and comfortable, it must not only be equipped with the right mattress, but also with the associated slatted frame. The mattress must adapt to the body in this context, but at the same time support it. Individual body parts such as the hips or shoulders should be able to sink deeper into the mattress, but at the same time not sag. In addition, these properties should not only be present in a lying position, but should also be maintained in changing sleeping positions. One speaks in this context also of the point elasticity. The mattress should therefore yield only at the point at which pressure is applied. The rest should remain unchanged.

The Different Mattress Types

The industry offers different types of thebest-mattress, each with different characteristics. It can therefore never be said flat rate, which mattress is suitable for whom. Here individual factors play an enormously important role.

The Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are characterized by their point elasticity. They are very dimensionally stable and therefore offer a high support performance. When choosing, make sure that the latex mattress has a slightly thicker core, as the support function is optimally given. High-quality mattresses are also characterized by their longevity, because they can easily be used for ten years.

The Cold Foam Mattress

In contrast to latex mattresses, cold foam mattresses are very light and have a velvety soft surface. Especially the turning becomes child's play. The core of the cold foam mattress, on the other hand, is hard, which not only ensures a high support force, but also a long service life. To absorb the moisture of the body, it is advisable to choose mattresses with a moisture-wicking upper.

The Viscos Foam Mattress

Viscos foam mattresses react to heat and can thus optimally adapt to the body shape. So the body can be relieved in every situation, which is especially appreciated by people with back problems. Only for people who rather restless sleep, these mattresses are less suitable because a quick adjustment is hardly possible here.

The Spring Core Mattress

It consists of several steel springs, which are covered by padding. The prices of these mattresses are slightly cheaper, but this must be waived on high point elasticity. Body movements can sometimes cause ringing, which can affect stability. In addition, it has been proven that artificial magnetic fields can occur in these mattresses, which may lead to the sleep of those who react accordingly sensitively.

The Pocket Spring Mattress

Similar to the spring mattress, the pocket spring mattress consists of several steel springs. However, they are sewn into individual, which significantly improves the point elasticity. In addition, they ensure a permanent exchange of air, so that these mattresses count among the best in the field of climate comfort.

Determine the Degree of Hardness Individually

Almost every mattress manufacturer offers different degrees of hardness that buyers can choose individually. It should be noted that the specifications for hard, medium hard and soft are not subject to any standard and therefore may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, a trial is essential before buying. Basically, people with a slightly higher body weight should choose a slightly harder mattress that provides more support. Too soft a mattress would bend the spine too much and could cause back pain. Especially recommended are mattresses with different lying areas. The individual zones vary in hardness and ensure that the individual body regions are well supported. Experts therefore advise. Mattresses with three zones. Six or eight reclining areas, which are also offered, are less recommendable, as they only have their benefits if the sleeper does not move. And this is almost impossible in practice.

Which mattress, however, typically fits a side sleeper?

Of course, every mattress must be individually adapted to your own needs. In principle, however, it can be said that your new mattress should bring with it a fair amount of flexibility. It is important in side-sleepers that both the hips and the shoulder can definitely sink into the mattress. Only then can your spine and all cervical vertebrae take a relaxed position during sleep. Optimally, your mattress should also ensure that your waistline is well supported to prevent unnatural flexing of your vertebrae.

Our tip for side sleepers is therefore:

In general, if you are a side sleeper, almost any mattress is suitable for you. The key to the right mattress is just the even pressure distribution so that the mattress can adapt to your body in the correct places. It is therefore best to use a mattress with a 7-zone layout. These mattresses bring a lot of elasticity and flexibility. They adapt perfectly thanks to the different zones of each part of the body and support them with different sinking depths.

Mattresses for side sleepers

For the side sleeper, for example, the 7-zone cold foam mattress with a soft shoulder comfort zone is particularly recommended because the shoulder can sink in perfectly and the rest of the body is well supported. For a particularly good sleep experience and a stable side position, we recommend a matching pillow. Thus, both your neck, as well as your spine is ideally relieved and you wake up neither twisted nor tense in the morning.

With the side sleeper it was important that the shoulder and the hip could sink in well. For example, in the case of the dorsal hips, the hip should not sink too deeply, as otherwise the natural S-shape of the spine is no longer supported and you may be in pain. Again, a 7-zone cold foam mattress is an advantage. Furthermore, when choosing your back sleeper mattress, you should make sure that it is not too hard so that the individual parts of the body can sink in and thus support the natural shape of the spine.