For 2020 i am already coaching, racing and pacing 2 people, in Apr and Aug ( and potentially 1 person at San Diego 100) , to provide them with instant feedback

So right now i can only offer regular online/email/phone coaching and maybe i could race & pace you in Oct, Nov, Dec ?


Boutique 1-on-1 coaching for people with special requirements or injuries; "interesting" goals; or that need a coach to pace them at races.

  • Are you looking for a supportive, fun, patient coach that can provide instant and personalized feedback by running, hiking or pacing you at races?
  • Do you need an experienced coach that had been there and done that with injuries, nutrition ... long & shorter distances ?
  • I love to teach, I love to coach, I love to find the root cause of each issue, find a solution and explain it back. Let me fine-tune your training . Email me at and let's see how I can help.


  • Beginners who want to complete their first 5K or their first Bolder Boulder
  • Casual runners who want to run their first marathon
  • Road runners who want to venture into trail running
  • Experienced trail runners who want to try ultra-running (50K to 100 or 200 miles )
  • Injury-prone runners who want to safely increase their distances
  • Masters and Seniors people that just want to be fit
  • Moms and people running with a Baby Jogger
  • Heart Rate training
  • Walkers and Race Walking


  1. I offer coaching for everyone, not just good experienced trail runners
  2. I want to coach only a few people a month so you will get more attention.
  3. You will get more time on the phone with me to ask me questions ( rather than emails).
  4. If you are local , I will run with you to answer questions, look at your form, at how you run, pose, how you use the hiking poles, and so on.
  5. I am willing to pace you or run a whole race with you. This is super important
  6. I have been slow, chubby, injured, had problems with knees, back, hip. So I can understand many of the issues you are going through


  • Lydiard Level 2 Certified Running Coach
  • Level 1 RRCA Coach (Road Runners Club of America)
  • Lydiard Level 1 Coach
  • Organized and attended the Colorado USATF Level 1 Running Coach training
  • Spinning Instructor
  • Colorado Dept of Ed full Teaching License ( w/ background check )
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • CPR certification with AED
  • Colorado Mountain Club trip leader for D-level hikes
  • past Appalachian Mountain Club Hike and Class 2 White Water leader

2019 RATES

#1- Standard - $100 with disc. Biweekly schedule; 45min consult/emails @ 10-14days

#2 - Help-Me-A Lot - $150 w/disc. You need extra motivation or you have a variable schedule

#3 - Help Me 1-on-1 - $200 w/disc. +5hrs of in depth 1-on-1 discussions and practice

#4 - Race/Pace Me

    • see Plans Details
    • $50 off/discounts: $25 if you commit to +3mo & $25 off if you automate the payment


  • A doctors notice or a signed affidavit from you , that you are fit to exercise. Best and what i super strongly recommend regardless of age or fitness is a stress EKG test
  • Since we can only improve what is measured, you will need a GPS phone/watch/tracker to log all your runs. Any phone in Airplane mode lasts for 10-12hrs on Strava
  • For advanced runners, an HR monitor is strongly encouraged


  1. My Ultrasignup Results link , here
  2. Hardrock 100
  3. 4 times Badwater 146 Self Supported and Self Contained ... i did pretty well :-)
  4. Western States 100 in 25.5 hrs ( half the race I had IT band issues. Previous WS100 i dropped at mile 92 )
  5. Arrowhead 135 ( 5 tries, medical issues stopped me from finishing but I am working on it :-)
  6. 3h10min road marathon
  7. Marathon Des Sable ( multi day staged in the Sahara desert )
  8. A few multi day Adventure Races
  9. 24 hour track races and 24hr orienteering races
  10. Multi day track races
  11. Ultra distance cycling
  12. Ultra iron distance triathlons ( double iron distance triathlon )
  13. 2019:: 25th Solo/45th overall ANgeles Crest 100
  14. 2018:: 35th in 29hr20 ar Run Rabbit Run 107mi
  15. 2017 :: 4th overall in 25h30min :: Ancient Oaks 100mi
  16. 2016 :: 9th overall :: Dead Horse 50mi
  17. 2016 :: 22h46min :: Javelina Jundred 100
  18. 2016 :: 7th overall :: Silverheels 100mi
  19. 2015 :: 17th overall :; Quadrock 50mi
  20. 2013 :: 4th overall :: Wapack 40mi
  21. 2012 :: 20th overall :: Brazil 135 mi
  22. 2010 :: 2nd overall :: Palo Duro 50 miler
  23. numerous 100mile races ( Vermont 100, Cascade Crest, Wasatch, Bandera, Rocky Racoon, Bighorn, Fat Dog 120, Bear 100, Pinhoti 100, Run Rabbit Run 100 and a few others )