Device Instance Numbers

PSU BACnet Instance Numbering Process


THERE IS A PROCESS TO FOLLOW TO OBTAIN BACNET INSTANCE NUMBERS, NETWORK NUMBERS, IP NUMBERS AND UDP PORT NUMBERS. This is an attempt by the University to avoid duplications on our network and the process is mandatory.

All persons (REQUESTORS) that require any of the above numbers for use in the completion of their project must contact Facility Automation Services (FAS) at Penn State’s Office of Physical Plant. This request should be made as part of the shop drawing process.


  1. The Requestor shall Download the above linked document. The REQUESTOR must fill out the work sheet in its entirety. The only acceptable blank spaces will be for the information that PSU is to supply and for information that won't be known until after the work is completed. If the worksheet is submitted incomplete it will be returned and no action will take place on PSU's side.
  2. Once worksheet is complete click on the webform linked above and submit the worksheet by completing the required information and uploading the worksheet to the form and click "submit"
  3. FAS will check the submission information for completeness and will then search the existing campus networks for appropriate numbers and assign them accordingly on the spreadsheet.
  4. FAS will return the spreadsheet with the requested information to the Requestor within 2 weeks of receipt of a completed request.
    1. It will be FAS’s responsibility to forward this information to other required departments with the University.
    2. It will be the Requestor’s responsibility to provide this information to sub-contractors under their direction on the project.


  • Allow 2 full weeks for the issuance of numbers from FAS
  • Numbers made up on the job site MUST be replaced by the numbers issued by FAS
  • Additions to this list that happen late in the project must still follow this same process.
  • Failure to plan appropriately on your part does not make your job an emergency for us.