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Opinion: Don’t buy a Mac anymore

May 17, 2019

If you want a powerful machine for video/photo editing, virtual reality, games, etc. switch to a PC.

With a PC typically you can get at least 3x-5x times the bang for the buck. And Windows 10 is good at this point.

How to switch to a PC

1) Get a gamer PC for $1000-$1500. This is equivalent to the powerful Macs a much lower price.

Plus your PC runs a lot more software than the Mac. For lower end example see:


2) Get a new keyboard and mouse ($25) for the PC.

3) Use your same hi-res displays (HDMI), USB/flash/DVD drives and many software licenses.

4) Command-C copy becomes Control-C, etc.

5) Use Microsoft’s anti-virus, don’t buy more AVs. Use Microsoft firewall.

6) Use Google for email, wordprocessing, calendar, spreadsheet, powerpoint, etc.

7) Screen Capture: use Windows-PrtScrn, don’t use Command-Shift-4.

8) Use Paint in Windows for simple/quick editing.

9) Don’t look back.