Op Four Training Group offers the following courses:

Nonlethal Compliance

The Op Four Training Group Nonlethal Compliance Instructor certification combines pepper spray and tactical baton into one comprehensive program. The instructor may certify students on pepper spray and expandable baton, either individually or as an all-in-one solution.

Tactical Communication

Security Officers face a difficult challenge: producing compliance in a society that resists authority. The Op Four Training Group Tactical Communication course provides Security Officers the communicative tools they need to gain voluntary compliance from even the most difficult of subjects. The course includes guidance on when to stop talking and act.

NEW! Close Personal Engagement Tactics (CPET) Level i

Op Four Training Group partnered with the American Personal Safety Institute to develop Close Personal Engagement Tactics (CPET), the first defensive tactics program developed specifically for Private Security Officers in a civilian setting. It includes techniques and principles of control and restraint, as well as self-defense and defense of others, handgun retention, and handcuffing.

Coming soon: Active Shooter Response for security Officers

Would your security staff know what to do in the event of an active shooter or active assailant? Ensure survival and appropriate response by becoming an Op Four Instructor in Active Shooter Response for Security Officers today!

Coming soon: Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness is the fundamental skill of a professional Security Officer. Being acutely aware of everything around them is what makes your team the best! But it's a skill that very few understand. Op Four Training Group has developed an advanced course which clearly explains the mindset needed to set a baseline, recognize anomalies, and make life-or-death decisions in an instant. This should be a prerequisite for anyone in the Security field!

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