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We are now accepting applications for an operations manager/assistant to help us run the day-to-day of managing/operating our business . We feel that along with your existing experience, your personal values and how well you fit with our team is very important for us. If the following doesn’t sound like you, no need to apply:

  1. I’m highly organized and strangely love systems, processes, and documentation
  2. If someone doesn’t respond to me, I will diligently followup with the fury of a thousand suns until they respond
  3. My values are: Being true to myself, having fun, being completely honest at the expense of confrontation/awkwardness, being true to my word so others will trust and rely on my work, and an obsession with getting better and improving every day.
  4. Others would describe me as: “freakin’ awesome”

Quick synopsis: Our company launched in 2010 and is growing. We are a bootstrapped small team, and we are growing to help others through our businesses in our technology. We care a LOT about our customers, and are very hands-on with them to ensure they are having success and are never left hanging if there’s any issues.

Job Description:

Operational Manager / Assistant

-40 hours a week-Expected start date: Immediately

-Must be U.S. based. You can work from anywhere, although we operate on US Eastern time business hours-Managing our Customer Success to ensure all of our customers are getting full value and to ensure all tickets are promptly answered and no one is left behind-Salary is commission based. -You will report directly to the CEO with these operations. -Coordinating projects related to Sales/Marketing/Organizing/Scheduling-Being diligent about processes and documentation when a task is completed more than once -Pro-actively finding ways to improve the efficiency of our organization, and working with the leadership team to put these changes in effect.-Years of experience is not relevant, although you must have a track record in leading teams -Must have a “This is what we’re gonna do…” mentality about day-to-day execution. -Must understand the big picture, but thrive when it comes to the details of our company.

Some technical aptitude is also required, as you’ll need to have an intimate understanding of various online systems & technology. You’ll also be helping implement a new Customer Success CRM to manage all of our customer accounts in a more organized way, so CRM wizardry is a plus. Podio and Google proficiency is a must.

You will enjoy additional benefits such as…..

~ Great income and upward mobility as our company continues to scale

~ Access to a community of the top real estate investors in the nation

~ Trips to exotic locations for our company retreats

~ Bonus pay

Plus, you can work from home, meaning pajamas are totally acceptable.


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