Create your own OpenFPGA!

International Conference on Field Programmable Technology (FPT), 2022

Conference Dates: 5-9 December, 2022

What is OpenFPGA?

OpenFPGA is an open-source framework that automates and accelerates the development cycle of customizable FPGA architectures. OpenFPGA allows users to define customized FPGA architectures using a high-level architecture description language and autogenerate the corresponding Verilog netlists that can be used in a backend flow to generate production-ready layouts.

About the workshop

This workshop will introduce the participants to

It will showcase its capabilities and features through live demos. It will also provide them with hands-on training on how to use the OpenFPGA framework. It is targeted toward FPGA enthusiasts and researchers who are interested in exploring novel FPGA architectures and/or fabricating their own custom FPGAs.

What will the participants learn ?

FPGA architects will learn how to efficiently implement FPGAs and generate layouts so that their architecture innovation can be quickly validated

• FPGA toolchain developers will learn how to get Quality-of-Results (QoR) on realistic and novel FPGA fabrics

• FPGA circuit designers will learn how to quickly integrate novel circuit components into FPGA fabrics and evaluate power, performance, and area

• FPGA verification engineers will learn how to generate test benches that can be readily used for verification of the FPGA fabric

• FPGA programmers will learn how to generate bitstreams for their Verilog designs and analyze timing and area results

At the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to:

Define a custom FPGA architecture using an XML-based architecture description language

Generate netlists and layouts for these custom FPGAs using the OpenFPGA tool flow

Generate bitstreams for Verilog designs that can be configured for the custom FPGAs

Pre-requistes: Basic knowledge of digital design and FPGAs


Vaughn Betz

Professor and NSERC/Intel Industrial Research Chair at University of Toronto, Canada

Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon

Associate Professor, University of Utah and CTO, RapidSilicon

Nanditha Rao

Assistant Professor at International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore, India

Aman Arora

PhD candidate at University of Texas, Austin

Tarachand Pagarani

Country Manager at QuickLogic Corporation

Grant Brown

Doctoral Student at University of Utah



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5th - 9th December 2022


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Nanditha Rao: nanditha.rao@iiitb.ac.in

Aman Arora: aman.kbm@utexas.edu