Meet our students! There are over 100 students from over 50 countries!

Cristian from Mexico

I’m from Mexico City. I’ve come to Ithaca for visiting my friends...I would like to open job opportunities in the future. I need to speak English because it’s the language in the world. I’m feeling very happy because the teachers are extraordinary. It is very important for me because I’m going to open doors in the future. I like the creative ideas of the teachers.

Satur Paw from Myanmar

I’m from Myanmar. I came to Ithaca because I was a refugee in my country for 22 years. We didn’t have independence to go to school and to study anything because we didn’t have enough money. So we got a chance to come here to get rights in this country. My goal is to be a good person to help each other like take care of patients. I want to learn English because English is international language and people speak it everywhere. The English class that I attend is very useful for me. We have time to speak English with our friends and if we can’t speak, we have our teachers to correct us. I’m improving my English skills a lot, like grammar, speaking, and reading. I’m happy to meet with good teachers and many friends from other countries or places.

William from Colombia

I came to Ithaca because my brother needed me. Here I find many beautiful places, friends, and teachers, and they open my mind. Actually, I feel comfortable here, and all of this is thanks to Ithaca ESL. Here I met a lot of good people who want to make big changes and now I want to do the same in my country. I’m a Spanish teacher, and as a teacher, I can make a lot of changes in children and people.

Now, I’m improving my English to be a better teacher and a better person. I’m really happy because here I know different people from different countries with different cultures, and all of them have taught me valuable lessons.

When I started to speak English, I was really shy, but now, thanks to my teachers, I’ve changed. They are really smart and kind. That’s why I’m really grateful with them.

Valentina from Chile

I go to classes every day; it means that I see my friends frequently and we help each other when we need something. I meet with them outside Open Doors English Program and spend a lot of time together. Also, in October, I am going to take the TOEFL and if I get a good score, I will be able to apply for a masters degree here. I think that nothing of these could be happening if the Open Doors English Program was not working. I would like to say thank to all Open Doors English Program. You have to know that you make my life better here.