Privacy Policy

  1. Prashant Baid does not collect any personal information that the extension may have access to.
  2. Google user data, in the case of this extension, your gmail emails, is accessed by the extension solely in order to display it to the user via the popup window or the notifications, which is the purpose of the extension.
  3. This extension has read-only access to your gmail emails; it cannot create, send, modify or delete your emails.
  4. No Google user data is shared with anyone else other than the extension user. The extensions act as a conduit to the user's Google data.
  5. This extension was designed to use an authorization system via the industry-standard OAuth 2.0 protocol as a secure way to outsource user authentication. This means that Prashant Baid does NOT have access to your passwords.
  6. The permissions you agree to when installing the extensions are the minimum requirements for the extension to perform its basic purpose.
  7. This is an open source extension and you can view the entire source code on Github.