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Anabolics: what is it and what is their effect?

Anabolic steroids are chemicals that accelerate the synthesis of protein within the cells of the body and lead to increased muscle growth. In bodybuilding, steroids are used as doping, which accelerates recovery and increases endurance of the athlete. In its pharmacological action, sports pharmacology is similar to testosterone, but much more powerful than it. Simply put: anabolic steroids inject the body into a process similar to puberty in adolescents. However, they affect the entire body as a whole and can disrupt its work.

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Anabolic and Androgenic Steroids

Everyone has long known that the male hormone testosterone, which is an androgenic anabolic hormone, is responsible for increasing muscle mass. Hypothalamus and pituitary are responsible for the synthesis of testosterone. It is on the structural basis of testosterone that steroids are made.

In simple words, anabolic steroids affect all metabolic processes in the body: they increase the synthesis of nucleic acids, promote the conversion of proteins into muscle fibers and affect the production of various enzymes. All these processes ultimately lead to increased growth of high-quality muscles, burning of subcutaneous fat, as well as an increase in strength and endurance.

In addition, steroids inhibit the development of a catabolic process that destroys muscle tissue. In the normal state of catabolism and anabolism in the body are on the same level. Acceptance of anabolic steroids suppresses the catabolic process and at times increases the anabolic one. For 4-6 weeks of using steroids, an increase in muscle mass of 3-12 kg can be observed.

Steroids increase the concentration of free testosterone in the blood, which positively affects the development of secondary male sexual characteristics. In men, there may be a decrease in the timbre of the voice by another 2-3 points, an increase in hair growth, especially on the chest and arms, as well as an increase in spermatogenesis, which leads to frequent and prolonged erections and increased libido.

Many anabolic drugs also have a fat burning effect, due to which they are successfully used in the pre-competitive stages (on drying). The body of any person is designed in such a way that at the same time burn fat and build muscle mass is impossible. Rather, without taking additional stimulants, such an effect can be observed only among beginners, whose body has not yet adapted to the power loads. Professional bodybuilders can only achieve this by taking additional steroid drugs that affect insulin-like growth factor. IGF, in turn, shows somatotropic signs, that is, it acts like a growth hormone, which has a direct effect on fat burning.

We would also like to emphasize one important point regarding the information provided on our website. Here you will not find any abstruse or fictional descriptions of the drugs. Everything is written in accessible language and the most important thing is that most of the articles were written by our team of bodybuilders, which means no “water”, only practice and real experience in the use of sports pharma, training, nutrition and much more.

Where can I buy anabolic steroids?

The cost of high-quality drugs in sports pharmacology cannot be very low and a reduced price on other sites may only indicate that you buy a fake in which, at best, there will be empty oil with testosterone, and in tablets is simple chalk.

Before you buy anabolics for muscle growth, we are ready to provide free consultation with our experienced specialists, who will talk in detail about the pharmacological effects on the body of each individual drug, as well as help you create an individual course of steroids (step-by-step plan for receiving funds) for people with different goals. A convenient order form will allow you to make a successful purchase with just a few mouse clicks.

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Welcome to our store of sports pharmacology. Here you will find everything that athletes of any level need, and will be able to achieve maximum results!


Sports pharmacology is aimed at expanding the physical and mental capabilities of a healthy person, increasing the body's ability to adapt to extremely high loads of professional sports. Competent reception of properly selected drugs allows you to achieve record for a particular athlete results, as well as facilitate and accelerate the recovery of body resources after exhausting workouts.


Pharmacological preparations for athletes are divided, depending on the purpose and characteristics of the action, into the following categories:

accelerating the body's natural recovery processes by eliminating post-load detoxification (this category includes choleretics, cholekinetics, rehydrants);

artificially stimulating recovery processes of the body by binding metabolic products (hepatoprotectors, sorbents, means for increasing renal blood flow);

satisfying increased needs of the athlete's body for nutrients (vitamin, mineral supplements, proteins and amino acids, sugars, fatty acids);

drugs to increase strength, endurance and improve results (anabolic steroids, antioxidants, antihypoxants, adaptogens, nootropic drugs, immunomodulators, etc.).


We offer everything for sports pharmacology to buy in one place - in our online store. Here you will find products for athletes of the most different directions, but they are all united by high quality. We sell only original products of well-known global manufacturers.

Our sports pharmacology site is not only a store, but also a place where you can get professional advice on the choice of drugs. The consultation service is available in your personal account.

Today, questions about building muscle, increasing strength, caring for your own body, increasing its stamina and improving attractiveness are especially relevant. For this purpose, professional athletes have long used special pharmaceutical preparations: steroids in pills and / or steroid injections. It used to be difficult to buy anabolic steroids in the USA. But over the last decade, the situation has changed. Anabolic steroids store is visited not only by athletes, but also by most people who work out in gyms only to keep their bodies in good shape.

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All pharmaceuticals are licensed, which means that their effectiveness and safety are confirmed by the results of clinical studies. Pharma, offered by our company, can have various forms of release, for example, injectable steroids (steroid injections) or oral preparations in the form of tablets. Before you decide in what form to buy a course of steroids in the United States, it is recommended to consult with a specialized specialist.

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