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3 Reasons Hooking Up Is Good For Your Health

Sure, sex feels damn good, but did you know that it’s also good for you? There are some incredible health benefits when it comes to hooking up, so just in case you needed one more reason to get down and dirty, check out how hooking up is good for your health! Hooking up does a body good.

1. Burn, baby, burn. Sex is actually an amazing workout, so skip the gym and do your cardio in a different, more fun, way. An hour of sex burns more than 144 calories! Trying out new positions, moving around and moaning a lot increases the amount of calories you burn and the amount of fun you have, so don’t sit still for too long. Bonus points and calories if you orgasm, too! Oh, and don’t be afraid to get sweaty…it’s good for you!

2. Sex increases immunity. Sick of catching all the colds and flu’s that are going around? Hooking up might be the cure! Studies have shown that people who have sex one or two times a week have a higher level of an antibody in their blood that actually prevents sickness. Sex also reduces stress and blood pressure, so not only will you not be getting sick, your overall quality of life will improve dramatically!

3. All natural painkiller. When you have sex, a hormone called oxytocin increases in your bloodstream…and any pain you may have been feeling seems to disappear. PMS, headaches, back pain-think back to the last time you didn’t feel great and sex actually made you feel worse. Pretty impossible, right? That’s because sex has been proven to lower the amount of pain you feel by half!

Of course, the best reason to hook up is simply because it’s fun and feels good…all the health benefits are just a great bonus!

Do you feel healthier after having sex?

Only a select group of athletes will ever make their way to competing in the Olympic Games, but why should they have all the fun? Here are five ways you can go for the gold in your very own bedroom!

1. Stretch. The Olympics have only been on t.v for a few days, but I can’t stop freaking out over how limber these people are, gymnasts or not! They can do things with their bodies I never thought possible, and definitely know how to use and bend their bodies to get them where they want to be. While trying out a new olympic inspired sex position might help spice up your sex life, you don’t even need to take it that far-I mean, we don’t want you to get hurt! Simply being familiar and comfortable with your body means that you know how far to push yourself and what your limits are-in bed or otherwise.

2. Practice, practice, practice. Olympians don’t just show up to the gym or the pool one day out of the blue and expect to win a gold medal. No way-they work at their sport day in and day out. Same thing should go for incredible sex-it’s pretty safe to say that your first sexual experience doesn’t compare to what you can do now! By having lots of sex, you naturally become more skilled at it and most importantly, your confidence will sky rocket. Think of every sexual encounter, even the less than stellar ones, as a chance to get better at getting busy.

3. Remember that not everyone can win every time. Sometimes the real fun happens after the main event. For example, US swimmer and gold medalist (and total hottie) Ryan Lochte told the press that he can’t wait to be done with his races so he can knock back a few beers at a pub and really enjoy the Olympic experience. Don’t be so obsessed with having the perfect gold medal worthy orgasm (or giving your partner one) that you forget to have fun along the way.

4. Play your own games. Get your competitive juices flowing and set up your own naughty twist on the Olympic games-for example, who will do better in skinny dipping, or everyone’s favorite-naked twister. Instead of gold medals, come up with a better prize…use your imaginations! Sounds a lot more fun than table tennis or archery, no?

5. Build up to the main event. Have you noticed how popular events like swimming and gymnastics are spread out over a couple of days, giving the athletes a chance to prove themselves and really show off their talents (or lack thereof)? Quickies are great, and definitely have their place, but sometimes the best sex needs a slow build up to the main event. Think of your steamy make-out sessions and lingering kisses as the preliminary events that you’ve got to go through to get to the finals.