Shanthi Ashok Kumar

Vidushi Shanthi is a qualified Carnatic Vocal Musician with the title of Gaana Bhooshan and Gaana Praveen from Chembai Govt College of Music Palghat, Kerala. She completed her music education under the tutorship of Mr.Kedaranathan and Mrs.Meera Kedaranathan both of whom were prime disciples of Padma Vibhushan Sangeetha Kalaanidhi Semmangudi Shri R.Srinivasa Iyer , the Doyan of the Carnatic Music.

Since her graduation Smt.Shanthi has presented her skills to prominent Musicians like Sangeetha Kalaanidhi Dr. Semmangudi R.Srinivasa Iyer, Sangeetha Kalaanidhi Shri.M.D.Ramanathan, for fine tuning and refinement and continuing to do so at Chennai where she currently resides.

She has given several solo stage concerts in New Delhi, Calcutta and Thiagaraja Utsavams in Guruvayur and elsewhere in Tamilnadu accompanied by artists of eminence.

Since year 1990, she has been teaching vocal music for students of all ages. She has also involved herself in coaching seniors in advanced levels.