On this site are the erotic pictures which I took of female dolls in 1/6 scale. I call these pictures "one/sixth-uals", because of the scale and the connotation to the word "sexual".

The blog (NSFW, restricted)

I do have a blog in which I describe some current issues and some of the specific work. This blog also has the photo stories to which specific links are provided here on this site.

The blog is at:

Pictures on Flickr (some "safe", others restricted)

Recently I created an account on Flickr where I have posted a few of my 1/6 doll pictures.

Photo stories (definitely NSFW)

I have begun to write some "photo stories", with quite explicit mature content. If you are interested in this kind of stuff. then you can see these here:

Photo Stories (NSFW)

This page has links to the pages of these stories on my blog.