1/18/24 Update: It was brought to my attention that I left Paprika out of the recipe sometime during an update. Sorry for the trouble.

Thank you for your continued support all these years. One & Done has closed its operations. In the spirit of sharing, I have provided the recipe below for personal use only. By using the recipe, you agree not to use it commercially. One & Done is a registered trademark with USPTO.gov. Enjoy!

You will need to make the recipe by weight, not measurement. I recommend using a digital kitchen scale that can weigh items by 0.10 grams. I purchased an AWS scale, model AMW-1000-BLK and it works great. The original recipe calls for 0.25% papain (meat tenderizer) and 2.5% dextrose. Dextrose is a light sweetener but not easy to obtain for consumers.  I suggest using sugar, you probably won't notice a difference. You can not buy just papain, so I removed it. I don't think anyone would notice.

The measurements are a percentage of the weight you are trying to make. If you are making 1 lb (454 grams) of spice, salt would be 331 grams (454 X 72.8%).


Granulated Salt 72.80%

Fine Ground Black Pepper 9.70%

Red Cayenne Pepper 5%

Granulated Garlic 4%

Granulated Onion 4%

Granulated Sugar 2.50%

Paprika 2%

Total: 100%