Start Your Website on Free Web Hosting

Every website requires three main fundamental’s for becoming the part of the Internet is Domain name, Hosting and Content. Among these if you have Domain name and Content but not having a Web Hosting you are not able put your website on the Internet. Web Hosting is a kind of service which grants the permission to individuals and organizations to make their website available to World Wide Web.

How to Choose a Web Hosting Company

In this modern era almost all the business has their own websites to grow their market value. This also helps their business to make new customers. But before staring their website, there is a very important factor is of choosing a good Web Hosting company. There is some important factor should be considered before choosing a web hosting company.

Some of these are:-

· Amount of Web Space.

· Bandwidth Allotment.

· Reliability and Speed of access.

· Control Panel.

· Web Server and Operating System.

· Technical Support.

Discover your Need

This is a very important factor before choosing your web hosting. What you expect form your hosting provider. If you have a mass amount of data, such as Images or other files that you want to share with your visitors, then you require a very good bandwidth and disk space.

If you are planning to start your online store and allowing your customers to do online transactions, then there is a requirement of advanced security options (i.e. SSL certificates).

And if this is your first website and want to learn about all these things. Then you need a fee web hosting plan. Free web hosting provides all the basic features to have your website on the internet.

How Increase your Search ranking with Fast Web Hosting

One of the factors that Google uses to index your website is speed. If there is a number of websites with the same name Google shows the fastest site because of their better performance. Before purchasing a web hosting you should consider the speed factor in your mind. Because, slow website gets lower rank in Google.