Onecup is a unique design of a lid/cup/straw that is one unit. This eliminates the separation of small format pieces that inhibit recycling... IF it were to be made of plastic this would mean they would pollute our planet. It also eliminates the use of the stopper for to go cups as the straw acts as stopper until it is pulled into place by the user.

In addition to a better design, Onecup is made from a better material and one the creates a Circular Design System. It is made from wheat straw which is is an agricultural by-product and a yearly renewable trees killed in the making of the Onecup!

Better yet, the compostable plant fiber cups will break down in a few months. This can be done in commercial composting facilities or at home. Meaning the Onecup will help grow the next crop of wheat straw to make them.

Since the Onecup can handle hot and cold drinks it eliminates the need for multiple cups and lids at the coffee shops, restaurants and at home. Which saves time and money.