Theatre Arts Program

Introduction to Theatre:

This is a beginning-level class that will provide students with an overview of the theatrical discipline. Students will study essential skills and technical demands unique to theatre to express ideas, integrate understandings of the art as it relates to communications, and gain knowledge of the creative process through observations, discussion, and critiques.

In this class we study:

    • Fundamentals of Acting
    • Fundamentals of Impov
    • Basic Technical Theatre Positions
    • Theatre History
    • Theatre Appreciation

This class is participation based. Attendance is of the upmost importance.

This class is a prerequisite for all other theatre classes.

Advanced Theatre: Drama/Stagecraft

This course concentrates on developing acting techniques and styles OR the advancement of theatre technical assignments and designs.

Play Productions: Drama Acting/Performance

This course concentrates on the entire production process, from start to finish, in creating a musical production.

*Audition Required