Success Factors

At OnApplied, we help our clients achieve their business objectives through the successful deployment of IT solutions.

Our years of experience has demonstrated that successful project implementations are predicated upon the weighted alignment of three essential factors: People, Process, and Technology.


Who owns the process? Who else needs to be involved and what are their roles? Who is accountable for the project outcome? Who needs to be trained and when? Who are the project optimists? Who are the project pessimists and what are their concerns? Who are the collaborative team players and are they committed to the project? Who are the true decision makers?

Resolving people issues early in a project will help assure a successful project kick-off.


What are the process inputs? What are the process outputs? What process outputs are critical and what outputs are simply "nice to have?" Is the process fixed and effective or is it undefined and ineffective? What defect rate is acceptable for this process? Is the process amenable to re-engineering? How does the process add value to the business?

Understanding both the current work process conditions and the desired process outcomes are prerequisites to selecting and deploying a technology solution.


What part of the solution can be purchased and what part must be custom-built? Does the solution's work-flow facilitate the desired work process or does one need to change -- the solution or the process? How will the solution be deployed and how does it impact the old solution? How will the technology be supported and how will custom changes be managed over the life-cycle of the solution? Does the solution facilitate and guide the process or does it hinder the process?

Deploying a technology that's a best-fit solution for the people and the process involved is key to successful project outcomes.

At OnApplied, we believe successful projects address all three of these factors head-on: The people are on-board, the process is clarified, and the best-fitting technology is deployed. We enable your business to focus on what really matters - achieving business results!