Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why can’t I claim any of these freebies.

A: There few reasons that you can’t claim. Most reasons are:

a.) When you have already claimed this freebie from other sources. We are not the only source on the internet to claim freebies from these slot machine games.

b.) When you skip or not completed the survey. It's the most important step to claim rewards.


2. Do I need to do a survey before I can claim freebies?

A: Yes, It’s only a verification to prove that you are human and not robot. It’s the most important step to claim rewards. There are some who abuses our platform and skips surveys but wanted to collect without any exchange of the freebies we're giving. 


3. I can’t download the app offered in the survey / already downloaded the app.

A: Choose another offer in the survey. Please be patient for maybe you will be the lucky one to win the offer that you completed aside from the freebies you collected.



This is only a fan base site and is not advocated by or connected by the official OMG! Fortune Slots; we just spread the word about OMG! Fortune Slots freebies. We will never be asking for payments of whatsoever or offering real casino type games. We help notify users with new updates regarding new freebies given by the game company. Still, we strongly recommend that players should be above 21 years of age.