Omer Weissbrod

About me

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at Eran Segal's group at the Weizmann Institute of Science. My research lies at the intersection of machine learning, statistics and genetics. Specifically, I am interested in applying Gaussian processes and graphical model techniques for the analysis of large high-dimensional genetic data.

Previously I was a PhD student at the computer science department of the Technion under the supervision of Dan Geiger, and at the statistics department of Tel Aviv University under the supervision of Saharon Rosset. My PhD thesis tackled complex problems in statistical genetics, using advanced methods from machine learning and statistics.

I was also a part-time researcher at the Machine Learning for Healthcare and Life Sciences group at IBM Research Haifa, where I worked on a variety of projects involving analysis of genetic and clinical data.


omer.weissbrod [AT]


Papers in Preparation and Under Review

  • Omer Weissbrod, Elior Rahmani, Regev Schweiger and Eran Halperin. Association testing in bisulfite sequencing methylation data via Laplace Approximations. In preparation.
  • Omer Weissbrod, Shachar Kaufman, David Golan and Saharon Rosset. Likelihood-Based Analysis of High-Dimensional Data with Ascertainment and Dependency Structures. In preparation.
  • Omer Weissbrod, Jonathan Flint and Saharon Rosset. Estimating heritability and genetic correlation in case control studies directly and with summary Statistics. Under Review.
  • Alina Kurolap, Orly Eshach Adiv, Tamar Paperna, Adi Mory, Danit Oz-Levi, Tova Hershkovitz, Yaniv Zohar, Hanna Mandel, Judith Chezar, David Azoulay, Sarit Peleg, Elizabeth E. Half, Vered Yahalom, Lilach Finkel, Omer Weissbrod et al. New insights into familial primary intestinal lymphangiectasia: a novel syndrome involving hypercoagulability and CD55 loss with complement dysregulation. Submitted.

Published Papers