Designing thread-safe libraries without concurrency defects can be a challenging task. Detecting deadlocks while invoking methods in these libraries concurrently is hard due to the possible number of method invocation combinations, the object assignments to the parameters and the associated thread interleavings. OMEN+ takes a multithreaded library as the input and detects true deadlocks in a scalable manner. We achieve this by automatically synthesizing relevant multithreaded tests and analyze the associated execution traces using a precise deadlock detector.


  • Download the VM image here (Password: adaran, reverse of narada)

  • Download the tar ball here

Relevant Papers

  • Omen+: A Precise Dynamic Deadlock Detector for Multithreaded Java Libraries pdf

  • Multithreaded Test Synthesis for Deadlock Detection pdf

  • Trace Driven Dynamic Deadlock Detection and Reproduction pdf


Malavika Samak

Murali Krishna Ramanathan

Demo video