Our Staff

Omakau School

Tracy Richmond


Y 5-8

Tracy Richmond has extensive experience as Principal at Omakau School. Tracy teaches in the senior Y5-8 class focusing on oral language, reading, science, inquiry and physical activity.

Tracy is available in the office Tuesday – Friday 9am -11:10am.

Lisa Nevill

Principal Release Teacher

Y 5-8

Lisa is an experienced teacher who is the Principal Release Teachers in the senior class.

Lisa has a wide range of curriculum knowledge with particular interest and skills in mathematics, leading the school in the area of numeracy.

Lisa also runs our ALiM programme (accelerated learning in mathematics) each year.

Vicki Curzon

Y 0-2

Vicki joined our staff in 2016 from Musselburgh School in Dunedin. She provides a warm, caring and supportive environment for our new entrants and younger pupils. Vicki works hard to ensure transitions to school are smooth and students and parents feel happy and relaxed.

Vicki also leads literacy learning in the school.

Rebecca Lamb

Y 3-4

Rebecca also joined the Omakau staff at the beginning of 2016. She is a young teacher with a wealth of passion and skill. Rebecca is a keen musician and sports person – both skills she enjoys sharing with her class.

Liz Hunter

Learning Support


Liz is a highly experienced classroom teacher with expertise in the area of literacy. Liz provides 1 to 1 and group support to children throughout the school who need extra help with oral language, speech, reading, writing and spelling.

Liz works Tuesday to Friday.

Angela Goodwin

Office Manager

Angela has worked for a number of years at Omakau School. She is the friendly face you will see when you visit the school office. She is also our school librarian working 2 hours a week in this role. Angela is able to assist with most enquiries so is always a great place to start when you need information.

Angela works Monday-Thursday 8:30 – 3:30pm.

Support Staff

Adam Rubie School Caretaker

Pool Caretaker

Tracey Woodhouse Cleaner

Pauline Huddleston Becks Bus Driver

Tania Turner Matakanui Bus Driver