Our Learning

Omakau School

Teachers know their students well and share responsibility for the success of all students. Student achievement across all learning areas is assessed and monitored and reported to the board. Where students are not responding well to a particular support programme, the teachers quickly respond by trying something different. Students are involved in reporting to their parents about their learning.

Teachers use assessment information effectively to:

  • detect students’ learning needs, plan well to meet these and monitor progress
  • identify students who need extension or extra support
  • set targets and determine students’ next learning steps
  • support smooth transitions into, through and beyond the school
  • report to parents.

The principal uses assessment information well to:

  • analyse and identify trends and patterns
  • develop suitable interventions for students who need extra support or extension
  • review what is going well and what could be better
  • decide on targeted professional development
  • report to the board.

Trustees use assessment information for making strategic decisions such as resourcing of extra teachers, professional learning and development, initiatives and programmes.