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Omakau School

From 2015 ERO Report :

The school is well able to sustain its current performance and the high achievement of its students. Trustees attend regular training to support them in their roles and responsibilities.

The commitment of the board, principal and staff to maintaining high levels of student achievement and for students to be capable, confident citizens is clearly evident. Staffing has been stable over many years. The principal and staff work well as a team and feel well supported by the board. The strength of the relationships within the school and with its community has helped build a collaborative school culture.

The principal provides regular and detailed reports to the board giving well-analysed information about student achievement. She has robust systems to ensure every child’s learning and progress is carefully tracked. The board and principal closely monitor the impact of the additional work the teachers do for students at risk of not achieving. They are determined to ‘leave no one behind’ and are willing to try new strategies if the current ones do not have the desired effect.